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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Amy Kelly-Graham

Amy Kelly-Graham

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    "Technology in classroom is perfect for engaging students, expert says"
Amy Kelly-Graham

15 Useful Twitter Applications | EDESIGNERZ.NET | Twitter, Send, Allows, Remember, Design - 0 views

    Twitter Aps
Amy Kelly-Graham

ALA | AASL Best Web sites for Teaching and Learning Top 25 Award$(function() {$('#ss').... - 2 views

  • Sticky notes are an effective way to start a virtual conversation among teams of students on the merits of a website.
  • Seeking new teaching strategies? If you’ve got an old lesson that you want to breathe new life into, Curriki can help. It is a free member website where educators share ideas and hear from others in the profession. Tip: If you have a lesson that you love to teach with your students, share it with others. Everyone can be successful if we all help each other to be better teachers.
  • What could be better? You Tube – just for teachers and students! Teacher Tube offers videos solely for the field of education. Videos are created by teachers and students to be shared with other teachers and students. Tip: A great way to have students share their work with parents and for teachers to share with other teachers, peers, and administrators, both on-campus and off.
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  • Do you like to play with words or create visual poems? A "Wordle" enables you to create a word "cloud," visually depicting the relationship between words based on their frequency of use. You can tweak your word "clouds" with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Tip: Teach students to create a Wordle to express their reading interests or their favorite book.
  • Do you find it difficult to keep up with the latest Web 2.0. technologies? Join Classroom 2.0 Ning, a social network for educators who are using or want to use Web 2.0 in their libraries and classrooms. Tip: Look at the Classroom 2.0 weekly webinars, featuring leading Web 2.0 educators  - a great way to learn for both the novice and experienced educator.
  • Create your own social network for your classroom, your school group or your library. Share your ideas, pictures, and plans. Choose the features, a forum, a blog, members' pages, RSS feeds - whatever you would like to share and collaborate and control the membership. Tip: Classroom or library nings give students opportunities to learn how to effectively and safely be members of an online social network.
  • What are you doing? Twitter, a website for communication among friends and colleagues, is based on this question. Everyone who is connected to your account can know what you are doing at anytime, just send a "tweet."  This is a way for everyone to keep track of everyone else. Tip: Students working in research teams, designate secretaries to keep the instructor and librarian up to date on how the group is doing throughout the project.
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