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Problems with music due to copyright holder requirements - 3 views

started by zolartus on 02 Apr 22
  • zolartus
    I faced this problem when I was making an ad for my business, advertising in the form of a video. And when I posted the video itself, in order for it to get in the displays, I was asked to remove the background music because of the requirements of the copyright holder.
  • moonscar
    It's a well-known problem, you need to find music that is copyright free, so that you don't have problems with putting video clips in ads. This is much more strictly monitored than when you post a video on YouTube, for example.
  • zolartus
    I already realized that this is much stricter, because I even tried to change the music, adding a little bass or change the tone, but still recognized the music from a certain author and commercials are blocked.
  • moonscar
    But it will be a good lesson for you, because you won't make similar mistakes in the future. You can find a lot of royalty free music here. I often use jazz music from this site in my videos. It's very handy, also a lot of quality instrumental music, as well as folk music. For me, this is a priority for music in my videos. But that doesn't mean that other genres aren't on the site.

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