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Diego Morelli

Remix Culture & Fair Use: Best Practices for Online Video - 0 views

    An interesting video I came across about the main issues concerning fair use, copyright, and video mashups. Highlights from my transcription below:

    We're seeing this blossoming of amateur cultures, video remixes and creativity, and a lot of these works are circulating on the Internet.
    Copyright law is all about balance........
Diego Morelli

Open Source Movies & Animations, Remixable Films & the Mash-up Culture - 0 views

    The Open philosophy as applied to movies & animations deals with three related concepts:

    * open, collaborative projects maintained by a community;
    * open source software;
    * the copyleft / public domain side of the digital rights spectrum.
Diego Morelli

Digital Rights: the "Teaching Copyright" Project by the EFF for Students & Educators - 0 views

    A project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been created to help teachers provide accurate informations about the laws concerning digital rights & the concepts of copyright and piracy.
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