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Timothy Allen

LTTO Episodes | COFA Online Gateway - 0 views

    Very interesting case study of the integration of Web 2.0 tools into the Moodle LMS.
Robyn Jay

What to Do With Wikipedia - 0 views

  • Wikipedia is an affront to academia, because it undercuts what makes academics the elite in society.
  • Embracing the World of Wikipedia

    Figuring out what to do with Wikipedia is part of a larger question: When is academia going to acknowledge the elephant in the room? Over the past decade, the web has become the primary informational environment for the average student. This is where our students live. Wrenching them out of it in the name of academic quality is simply not going to work.

    But the genius of the web is that it is a means, not an end. The same medium that brings us Wikipedia also brings us e-reference and ejournals. Thus we have an opportunity to introduce Wikipedia devotees to three undiscovered realities:

    1. Truth to tell, much of Wikipedia is simply amazing in its detail, currency, and accuracy. Denying this is tantamount to taking ourselves out of the new digital reality. But we need to help our students see that Wikipedia is also an environment for shallow thinking, debates over interpretation, and the settling of scores. Wikipedia itself advises that its users consult other sources to verify the information they are finding. If a key element in information literacy is the ability to evaluate information, what better place to start than with Wikipedia? We can help students to distinguish the trite from the brilliant and encourage them to check their Wikipedia information against other sources.

    2. We need to introduce students to digital resources that are, in many cases, stronger than Wikipedia. Some of these are freely available online, like the amazing Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( Others may be commercial e-reference sources with no barrier except a user name and password.

    3. The most daring solution would be for academia to enter the world of Wikipedia dire

Robyn Jay

Designing for Collaboration - 1 views

    "Video: Traction User Group 2009 Closing Keynote - "Designing for Collaboration""
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