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A proposal for preloading resources bound by media queries | FT Labs - 1 views

    "In current implementations as of August 2012, no popular user agent pre-fetches resources that are subject to media queries until those media queries are satisfied. However, it seems like a more intelligent approach could be taken based on the liklihood that the media query may be satisfied at some point after a page has loaded. "
Éric D.

$script.js - Another JavaScript loader - 3 views

    The point of $script.js is to get back to the basics of loading script's w/o blocking other resources. $script.js is fancied with a nice observer interface to make dependency management easier paired with fail-safe callbacks to allow for lazy loading techniques.

Let's make the web faster - Google Code - 0 views

    "Here are some statistics about the size, number of resources and other such metrics of pages on the world wide web. These are collected from a sample of several billions of pages that are processed as part of Google's crawl and indexing pipeline."
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