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Ihor Charischak

Measuring Circles: Good idea, bad pedagogy? - 28 views

Watch this video and tell me: Would you show this to kids as is? Anything missing here? If so, is the missing thing necessary?


started by Ihor Charischak on 17 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Sarah Cannon

Upgraded to Pandemic « Questions? - 5 views

    A narration of a lesson on building equations based on a couple of pictures.
Luke Lang

Figures Speak Mathematics: Angles in alphabets - 4 views

    The site is dedicated to pictures/figures & mathematics.
Jason Dyer

Bearing and airports - MathsClass - 4 views

    How airport runways are numbered.
Kate Nowak

Learning in Mathland: Parabolas and Projectile Motion - 2 views

    An applet for modeling projectile motion.
Kate Nowak

What Did They Do With It? « Questions? - 4 views

    Projectile motion attacked by 7th graders.
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