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Luis Martin

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started by Luis Martin on 19 Mar 12
  • Luis Martin
    More and small business owners are realizing the importance of their site ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines these days. But for some, search engine optimization still remains as a mystery yet to unfold.
    Search engine optimization or SEO is considered as the practice of getting search engines show your site when someone searches a certain keyword phrase. It can be a great source of traffic to your site and build you bigger list of customers and clients.
    Here are seven small businesses SEO tips that will help you get ahead against your competition this year:
    1). Keyword phrases. If you are optimizing the wrong keywords, expect your SEO campaign to be a flop. If you think your leads and sales through SEO were quite dismal in the last few months, then it is high time that you reevaluate the keywords that you are optimizing. Include modifiers that will target local market as well.
    2). Content. Your site's content shouldn't be only build around your targeted keywords. It should also be something that consumers will find useful and shareable to others. Think of ways people like to consume information- articles, blogs, Podcast, videos and etc. There are affordable web promotion services these days that includes content creation and submissions to different article directories.
    3). Mobile friendly site. If your site isn't ready for the mobile platform, then you are losing hundreds of leads daily. The world relies heavily on mobile devices these days and adapting your site to mobile devices will increase your site traffic and boosts sales.
    4). Local searches. Google Places is already a default in many industry related searches. Don't miss this chance to become a part of the so called 'Google Pack'. This will help you gain more prospective customers. Find out more about Google Places by asking your internet marketing solution firm.
    5). Link building. Search engines often pay close attention to your incoming, outgoing and internal links. If you want to boost your search engine rank, you have to put effort in increasing the volume of incoming links to your site. Focus on an efficient link building strategy that encompasses external and internal linking though content, directories, blogs, social media and other relevant websites.
    6). Canonical pathway. Creating an accurate and clear canonical pathway domain will help you avoid page variations. Web crawlers cannot determine your preferred site pathway and you need to manually create this pathway. This also helps you avoid duplicate content on your site.
    7). The image alt tags. Alt tagging images is a task that many people forget. Web crawlers are not able to read pictures and photographs but they can always index the text that it associates with. Making alt tags with your keywords will not bridge the gap between photos and web spiders but is also an extra source for keyword density.

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