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Leopoldo Santana

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Apartments in Santa Monica Luxury 2 Bedroom outdoor wedding venue planning on a budget coordinating tips

started by Leopoldo Santana on 13 Mar 12
  • Leopoldo Santana
    These towns and communities include Calabasas, Studio Town, Glendale, Burbank, Hidden Hills, and many others. All apartments in these areas are set and only a short distance faraway from Downtown LA. Many people who are now living the San Fernando Valley location actually work in Downtown LA.

    If you're looking to lease an apartment and aren't as worried about how much it's going to cost, West Los Angeles is a great option. West LA consists of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and West Hollywood. Apartments in these areas are frequently fairly luxurious and are very centrally located.

    No matter where your home is in West LA, you'll always be close to one of many major freeways that run through the city. You'll also find yourself close to the famous Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard, so there will be a good amount of exciting entertainment venues nearby.

    Downtown LA also has a lot of really good options in regards to apartment living. A lot these apartments are in skyscrapers and get magnificent views of the Los angeles Basin.

    The many nearby beach communities are also really good places to consider apartments in the Los Angeles location. Some of the nicest apartments in Southern California are generally in the areas of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. These apartments are usually very close to the water, which is one of the main attractions to living in a beach community. The beach towns are also very centrally located and just a short driving distance from Downtown LA and West Los angeles.
    For anyone who has ever hunted for the perfect apartment before, you have a clue how hard it is find a decent place (regardless of your budget or location).

    For anyone who has ever done this with their boyfriend or girlfriend before you may join me in referring to this event as your own personal Hell.

    The hunt begins so hopeful and promising. The sky is the limit when you're combined income could possibly get you an amazing one-bedroom, and hundreds of options are just waiting that you pick from.

    Seven hours later you'll be beating the main against a Westside Rentals sign and cursing each other for not understanding the other's issue.

    As I've recently learned the cause of this friction isn't due to the shitty market and high bills of California living, it's since, like in most cases, guy's needs and girl's needs are very different.


    GUY'S NEEDS: Location, Affordability, A roof, in addition to a door (optional)

    GIRL'S MUST HAVE: Location (meaning walking travel time to shopping/grocery store/entertainment), included parking, onsite maintenance, washer-dryer, some sort of view, a gym, pool and then a unit in a large, properly managed building.

    Ok I'll admit some of my "needs" may have exceeded the minimum amount but aiming high never killed anyone! (Actually it probably killed lots of people and I now understand how come)

    Maybe you already know the particular area to search, but we had needs in opposite directions and therefore the greater Los Angeles area to decide from. We searched everywhere with Hollywood and Beverly Hills, to Westwood and Brentwood in advance of we finally honed in on Santa Monica for the reason that official destination. Apartments in Santa Monica

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