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hayley Yudelman

Prevent - VO2 Max: How Fit Is An Athlete? - 0 views

  • o perform the test, all you need is your weight and age and to walk one mile. Before the walk, warm up with some stretching. After the warm up, walk one mile as fast as possible and note the time it took you. Immediately after finishing the mile, take your pulse. The equation for estimating your VO2/Kg follows:

    VO2 max (ml/kg/min) = 132.853 - 0.0769 (weight) - 0.3877 (age) + 6.3150 (sex) - 3.2649 (time) - 0.1565 (heart rate)

    Weight is in pounds.
    Age is in years.
    Sex: male = 1, female = 0.
    Time is expressed in minutes and 100ths.
    Heart Rate is in beats per minute, taken at the end of the walk.

    Notice how gender adds a constant 6.3 to the male score.

    • hayley Yudelman
      How to test VO2 max
  • The supply of oxygen is dictated by how often the heart beats, the volume of blood transported by every beat and the amount of oxygen in that blood.
  • It is also dependent on how well the tissue or muscle extracts the oxygen (O2).
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  • So if we could find the volume of blood pumped in one minute and the difference between the amount of oxygen in arterial and venous blood we would have all the data we need.
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      How the max oxygen works
hayley Yudelman

LimitationsMaximumOxygenConsumption - 0 views

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      History of VO2 max
  • The idea that the human body cannot survive without oxygen has been known for millennia. However, the notion that oxygen and its delivery and subsequent metabolism by exercising muscles is crucial to prolonged activity is relatively new, having first gained attention in the 1920s with the work of the English physiologist A. V. Hill.
  • The term "maximal oxygen uptake" was first coined by Hill and Herbst in the1920s.
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  • s limited by the ability of the cardiorespiratory system to transport oxygen to the working muscles [1 ].
  • Christensen [2] noted that there was a large variation in the heart rate response to exercise between subjects and that those subjects who performed regular physical activity typically had lower heart rates at a fixed workload as compared to their untrained counterparts.
  • The study revealed that aerobic training led to a decrease in submaximal heart rate without a change in cardiac output.
  • The larger hearts were attributable to hypertrophy of the left ventricle, which was a result of chronic aerobic training [2].
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      How Max. Oxygen works
  • experiments carried out in the 1950s and 60s actually measured such variables through intrusive, surgical means.
  • While early studies concluded that the size of a person's heart was largely dependent on training status and subsequently was an accurate determinant of aerobic performance, these conclusions lacked substantial concrete evidence.
  • Procedures now allowed for the measurement of oxygen content in the arterial blood as well as oxygen content in the venous blood which could be used to extrapolate how much oxygen was extracted by the working muscles at the cellular level.
  • for muscle contraction.
  • he question then arises: what defines a fit person? At this particular point in time, most agree that aerobic capacity is the best indicator of overall fitness. As the field of exercise physiology evolves, this idea may change or it may remain the same. Occasional paradigm shifts are to be expected in a field as young and imperfect as exercise physiology.
hayley Yudelman

Top VO2Max in history? - 0 views

  • Marathon runners (N = 20) and ultra-marathoners (N = 23) were tested for VO2max, peak treadmill running velocity, velocity at lactate turnpoint, and VO2 at 16 km/h using an incremental (1 min) treadmill test.
  • Results. Race times at 10, 21.1, and 42.2 km of the specialist marathoners were faster than those of the ultra-marathoners, however, only the 10 km time differed significantly. Lactate turnpoint occurred at 77.4% of VO2max and at 74.7% of peak treadmill velocity. The average VO2 at 16 km/h was 51.2 ml/kg/min which represented 78.5% of VO2max.
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      Put this in the results section...why shorter distance(relatively) have higher VO2 max than ultra runners
  • The best laboratory predictors were: (a) peak treadmill running velocity (r = -.89 to -.94); (b) running velocity at lactate turnpoint (r = -.91 to -.93); and (c) fractional use of VO2max at 16 km/h (r = .86 to .90). The predictive value of the lactate turnpoint measure increased as the distance increased.
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Norm values for VO2max - 0 views

    Idk if you have this already, but great charts of the correlation of age and Vo2 Max and gender
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Concept2 - VO2 Max - 0 views

    • Joanna G
      The opening paragraph of this gives are great general overview and simple discription and definition of VO2 max. Your first paragraph should be similar to this so readers know what you are talking about when you get into the details
    the opening paragraph for this is a great general discription, you should incorparate this style of general definition into you 1st paragraph just so readers know what they are learning about instead of being a lil lost
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a lot of sites - 0 views

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CMP - 0 views

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New England Sports - 0 views

  • We were not designed to run (or cycle, swim or skate) for hours each day at 90% VO2 Max, or to spend hours each day in the gym lifting heavy weights.
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MetroWest Medical Center - Marathon Training - VO2 Max - 0 views

  • 2 Max measures how efficiently one's body breathes in oxygen, then attaches the oxygen to red blood cells through hemoglobin, then transports the oxygen throughout one's body, said Ayles.  Click here for "Ask the Expert" Training toward a Goal.
  • "That's why you can taper off (your training) before the race; it's not going to affect your performance," said Ayles.
  • Genetics, body weight, and endurance often times dictate VO2 Max level.
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What is VO2 Max - Maximal Oxygen Uptake - 0 views

  • An athlete's oxygen consumption rises in a linear relationship with exercise intensity
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THE EQUIPMENT; Bodies of Work - New York Times - 0 views



  • VO2 Max): 82.0 ml/kg/min.

    (One of the highest ever recorded for women; 40 is considered high for an average woman her age.)



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  • VO2 Max: 43.2 ml/kg/min.


  • VO2 Max: 67.4 ml/kg/min


  • VO2 Max: 65.0 ml/kg/min.
    VO2 max of great runners (Deena Kastor...)
hayley Yudelman

Lobes of Steel - New York Times - 0 views

  • But something else happened as a result of all those workouts: blood flowed at a much higher volume to a part of the brain responsible for neurogenesis. Functional M.R.I.’s showed that a portion of each person’s hippocampus received almost twice the blood volume as it did before.
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Physical Activity Recommended Exercise Methods - Physical Activity Health Inf... - 0 views

    • VO2 Max. Serious exercisers may use a VO2 max calculation, which measures the amount of oxygen consumed during intensive, all-out exercise. The most accurate testing method uses computers, but anyone can estimate V02 without instrumentation (with an accuracy of about 95%):

      • After running at top pace for 15 minutes, round off the distance run to the nearest 25 meters.
      • Divide that number by 15.
      • Subtract 133.
      • Multiply the total by 0.172, then add 33.3.

      Olympic and professional athletes train for VO2 max levels above 80. But for the average person interested in fitness, a VO2 max equaling between 50 and 80 is considered an excellent score for overall fitness.

    How to measure VO2 Max
    Good stretches
hayley Yudelman

Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France - Sports - New York Times - 0 views

  • Mr. Indurain's VO2 max, according to a widespread rumor, was 95 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute,
  • "Lance would be 60 if he was a couch potato and never trained," Dr. Coyle said. "For the average person, their ceiling is Lance's basement."
  • Mr. Armstrong's VO2 max is 85 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute. An average untrained person has a VO2 max of 45 and with training can get it to 60.
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  • "I'm sure there are other Lances out there who have the same potential," he added. But they may not know it because they never tried to train. "They could get on a bicycle right now," he said, "and if they were willing to suffer they could ride with the average person who's been training for two years."
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General Reference Center Gold  Document - 0 views

    Not much information
    A little about children and VO2 Max
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Expanded Academic ASAP  Document - 0 views

    No expanded document
    From magazine Womens Sport and Fitness from BPL...might be helpful magazine though
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The Physics of sports: Volume One - Google Book Search - 0 views

shared by Joanna G on 11 Nov 08 - Cached
    idk if this will be helpful for your topic, but it may have some good stuff
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