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James OReilly

Facebook | Confirm Requests - 0 views

    "What comes first , pedagogy or technology?"
James OReilly

EduNation II Happy Hour For Newbies - Second Life Tool Ranking - 0 views

James OReilly

SL Languages - 1 views

  • eappraisal of the use of translation as an aid to teaching
  • and a r
James OReilly

ThinkBalm publishes business value study « ThinkBalm: Immersive Internet insi... - 0 views

  • Nearly 30% of survey respondents (19 of 66) said their organization recouped their investment in immersive technologies in less than nine months, once their project(s) launched.
  • The top motivations for investment in immersive technology in 2008 /1Q 2009 were enabling people in disparate locations to spend time together, increased innovation, and cost savings or avoidance.
  • Early implementers are choosing the simplest use cases first. The most common were learning and training (80%, or 53 of 66 respondents focused on this use case) and meetings (76%, or 50 of 66 respondents). Some intend to take on more complex use cases in 2010 or 2011.
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  • Immersive technology won out over a variety of alternatives primarily due to low cost and the increased engagement it delivers. The leading alternatives were Web conferencing and in-person meetings, followed by phone calls.
  • Work-related use of the Immersive Internet is in the early adopter phase. Before it can pass into the early majority phase, practitioners and the technology vendors who serve them must “cross the chasm.” The most common barriers to adoption are target users having inadequate hardware, corporate security restrictions, and getting users interested in the technology.
James OReilly

HUMlab - stream Virtual Macbeth - 0 views

    ,Virtual Macbeth was designed to demonstrate how we might best use the affordances of virtual environments for Education. Shakespeare’s Macbeth reimagined in Second Life provides an adaptive bridge between classic texts and new media technology.
James OReilly

Multi-lingual Interactive System M3 - 0 views

    The Computer-Mediated Multilingual Medical Communication Support System, known as M3, is a support system that facilitates communications between foreign outpatients and hospital staffs.
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