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Van Weringh

Challenge Based Learning - 4 views

    Inspirational, lots of good ideas
Tom March

Self-Determination Theory - 1 views

    Collection of research published on SDT - including papers form ther latest conference.
Tom March

t r u t h o u t | Lessons From Most Successful Schools Abroad - 0 views

    Education trends from other nations are gaining cachet as political and educational leaders strive to bring American schools in line with the demands of the 21st-century global economy.
Tom March

RSA Lectures - Stephen Heppell - Learning 2016 | Teachers TV - 0 views

    In this programme Professor Stephen Heppell discusses what he thinks learning might look like in the year 2016. Stephen takes the prestigious stage at the Edward Boyle Memorial Lecture in the Royal Society of Arts, to offer his views on future learning and the important role we play in its fruition.
Tom March

Building the 21st-Century Mind: Scientific American - 1 views

    His most recent book, Five Minds for the Future, offers some advice for policy-makers on how to do a better job of preparing students for the 21st century. Mind Matters editor Jonah Lehrer chats with Gardner about his new book, the possibility of teaching ethics and how his concept of multiple intelligences has changed over time.
celia sutterby

21st Century Pedagogy | 21st Century Connections - 1 views

  •  Developing thinking skills
    • Tom March
      Thinking because the environment is complex. Spiro - Constructivism
  • digital natives
    • Paul Smith
      Students find this second nature. The students in Year 6 at my school get a real buzz from making comments on other students' work and reading comments on theirs.
  • real world problems
    • Paul Smith
      E.g. Constructing a blog that invites comment on school issues. This will invite ideas from all students on topics that have meaning to them. E.g. Fundraising ideas foir the school or special event days.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • scaffold
    • Mahendra Kapoor
      To facilitate (hopefully) higher order thinking processes for students. To enable them to discover things through minimum guidance/ handholding etc. To challenge them rather than to tell them everything and bore them.
  • The key features of 21st Century Pedagogy are:?    building technological, information and media fluencies [Ian Jukes]?    Developing thinking skills?    making use of project based learning?    using problem solving as a teaching tool?    using 21st C assessments with timely, appropriate and detailed feedback and reflection?    It is collaborative in nature and uses enabling and empowering technologies?    It fosters Contextual learning bridging the disciplines and curriculum areas
    • celia sutterby
      A helpful summary for establishing the context of this research
  • Learning to know Learning to do Learning to live together Learning to be (
    • celia sutterby
      UNESCO statement on the place of collaboration in 21st century learning can inform our approach to working with Web 2.0 Digikids.
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