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Manuel Gay

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started by Manuel Gay on 17 Mar 12
  • Manuel Gay
    If you are unemployed, it's time you should get a life and apply for a job. So, you might give excuses like, "I don't have any skills." or even "I don't know which profession suits me." Don't give any more excuses and start applying for a job!

    Doing What You Already Do Best

    Well, the first step in choosing your job is figuring out what job skills you possess. Now, you might say "Wait a second, how can I have job skills if I've never had a job?"

    It's simple: There are many things that you have done in your everyday life that could qualify as job skills. They could even give you some direction in your job search! For example:

    -If you're good with numbers, you might love handling the change at a cash register.

    -If you're a whiz at fixing computer glitches for your friends or family, you might just be the right guy to work as a tech-support guy/girl at your local computer store.

    Determining Your Job Skills

    Here are more questions that could help you turn your skills and interest into a paid job:

    -Write down the skill that you are most proud of.

    -What jobs do you think might be use that skill above?

    -Write down another skill that you love to use.

    -What jobs do you think might use that skill that you had mentioned above?

    -If you were given a chance to teach a workshop, what subject would it be in?

    -What jobs do you think might involve that subject?

    -If you could learn about anything in the world, what will it be?

    Taking Leads From School

    Here's another way to figure out what job might interest you. Now, think about your favourite school subjects. You will be surprise that the subjects that you actually like to learn about might point to certain kinds of jobs!

    Getting the Inside Scoop

    Let's say you've picked "Tech" as your favourite subject, and you would like to try working it out as a car technician. However, before you apply for an auto service technician position, it's better for you to find out the duties a service tech is expected to do.

    So here's how you can get the scoop. Arrange an "interview", where you can talk to someone who works in that line of business and who can explain what is involved in the job.

    Here are some of the good questions to ask:

    -What's a typical day on the job in your company?

    -What are the skills required for an entry-level job?

    -In general, what are the starting wages for your job?

    -What's your favourite part of the job?

    -What are the drawbacks of this job?

    Determining The Time You Want To Devote

    The final step is to decide how much time you are willing to devote to a job. Decide if you want a part-time or a full-time job.

    A full-time job would mean you have to work more than 28 hours a week and a part-time job is any job that is less than 28 hours a week. Choose wisely and find your dream job as soon as possible. Good luck!
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