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Frederik Van Zande

Google Research - Using Video as a CAPTCHA - 0 views

    We present a technique for using content-based video labeling as
    a CAPTCHA task. Our CAPTCHAs are generated from YouTube
    videos, which contain labels (tags) supplied by the person that uploaded
    the video. They are graded using a video's tags, as well
    as tags from related videos. In a user study involving 184 participants,
    we were able to increase the human success rate on our video
    CAPTCHA from roughly 70% to 90%, while keeping the success
    rate of a tag frequency-based attack fixed at around 13%. Through a
    different parameterization of the challenge generation and grading
    algorithms, we were able to reduce the success rate of the same attack
    to 2%, while still increasing the human success rate from 70%
    to 75%. The usability and security of our video CAPTCHA appears
    to be comparable to existing CAPTCHAs, and a majority of
    participants (60%) indicated that they found the video CAPTCHAs
    more enjoyable than traditional CAPTCHAs in which distorted text
    must be transcribed.
Frederik Van Zande

Video: Introduction to WCAG 2 : Boagworld web design podcast - 0 views

    I recently gave an internal presentation at Headscape about WCAG 2. A number of people expressed an interest in seeing it so I made a point to record it.
Frederik Van Zande

A List Apart: Articles: This is How the Web Gets Regulated - 0 views

    Basic web accessibility is a known commodity now. Web applications can almost be made accessible; eventually web application accessibility will also be a known commodity, too. Those are clear wins.

    But nearly ten years after specifications first required it, online captioning still pretty much does not exist. That's probably going to change, and the way it's going to change is by government regulation.

    Does that strike you as unthinkable? Do you view the web as a libertarian place where old-media laws barely apply, if at all? Well, prepare for a shock. Legislation is probably coming. And not only should you let it happen, you should get behind it-but only if it's done using open standards.
Frederik Van Zande

Accessibility: Making Video and Audio Usable For The Deaf | Practical eCommerce - 0 views

    Using video and audio in a website increases the probability of an accessibility problem. Where text can be readily translated into a wide variety of alternative mediums for the disabled, the complex nature of video and audio make this kind of machine-generated comprehension nearly impossible. Add to that the fact that reading a transcript hardly conveys an experience equivalent to the excitement of an expertly-produced audio file, and it's clear that marketers have a serious challenge when targeting the disabled using video and audio.

    In this article, I'll be looking specifically at ideas to help make video and audio promotions more accessible - and marketable - to the deaf/hard-of-hearing community.
Frederik Van Zande

Great way to showcase a redesign (wake up!) - 0 views

    Great way to showcase a redesign

    I love this animation Delicious designer Bernard Kerr made to introduce the user interface improvements incorporated in the design of Delicious 2.0:
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