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UP2D8 Project

PixiClip - 7 views

shared by UP2D8 Project on 26 Jan 14 - No Cached
    wow so easy to use it.
Sergio González

Agrega - 3 views

    Nueva versión de Agrega

the brain - 9 views

    a great tool for mind mapping and more........
Barbara Furiesi

The TES - 5 views

    This is a web site with different sections: a very useful part are the resources, where teachers share their materials. You could find worksheets, presentations, web links and more from early years to secondary grade.
Matanat Ahadova

eTwinning Plus - 8 views

    eTwinning Plus Azerbaijan
Matanat Ahadova

animoto - 2 views

    I am in doubt that's why I share it for the second time.
Nadina Nicolici

Tune into English - 4 views

    A great website with many resources.
Georgia Wilhelmsson

Hot potatoes - 3 views

    Six applications that enable you to create interactive multiple-choice, crossword, gap-fill exercises.
Tania Formosa

iPad Art Room - 1 views

    21st Century Teaching and Learning in Visual Art
Rose-anne Camilleri

Technology Enhanced learning - 2 views

    How we can enhance learning through technology
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