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Beverly Prange

Media and Technology Resources for Educators | Common Sense Media - 0 views

    Check it out! Great free resources for schools!
Beverly Prange

Whose children have been left behind? Framing the 2012 ed debate - The Answer Sheet - T... - 1 views

  • Their ideas boil down to this strategy: NCLB failed because we didn’t use enough carrots and sticks. They say that schools should operate like businesses, because the free market is more efficient than government. So these reformers — I call them corporate reformers — advocate market-based reforms.
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  • l testing began in 2002, and no gains for Hispanic students since 2005. According to the latest research, the black-white achievement gap is larger now in Chicago than when the reforms began.
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  • schools. All schools are given letter grades based on test scores. New York City spent $56 million on merit pay, then abandoned the program when it showed zero results.
  • ity kids consistently get lower test scores than white and privileged kids. So why would we make testing the most important measure of education? Why would we take the technology that is most discouraging to children in the bottom half and then insist that it matters more than anything else? Why would we give more credibility to standardized tests than to teachers’ and parents’ judgments about children’s potential?
  • o more money.” There is money to do what we want to do. There is money to fight wars in the Middle East. There is enough money to give big corporate cuts. There is enough money for 1% of this nation 7

    to live lives of splendor. Why is there not eno

  • money to provide the basic public services that every child needs?
Beverly Prange

Lisa Guernsey: EdTech for the Younger Ones? Not Without Trained Teachers - 0 views

  • lthough some teachers are taking on the challenge of learning how to incorporate technology into the classroom on their own initiative," the report says, "they are in the minority and typically have access to a strong social network of support.
  • The council lays out five goals to help teachers be part of the picture: help teachers plan and collaborate; train teachers how to integrate digital and screen media into their teaching practices; tap into public media as a resource; ensure that a technology infrastructure is built to support standards development, curricula distribution, and teaching; and bolster research and development.
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