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What is the difference between Ubuntu & its others derivatives like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu etc ? - 7 views

Define Ubuntu Kubuntu Xubuntu Edubuntu Gobuntu Eeebuntu

started by SocialStream ! on 28 Mar 09
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    Ubuntu is the most user friendly Linux OS . It uses a user interface (or desktop environment) called Gnome. Gnome is focused on simplicity and usability. Ubuntu includes a bunch of Gnome-native applications such as Rhythmbox (music player - but AmaroK is far better then any one), Sound Juicer (CD player and ripper), Evolution (email client and calendar), and Gedit (text editor). You can Get Free Ubuntu and find the full list of software packages in ubuntu-desktop here from Here

    PS. If u r new in Linux then i would recommend u to use
    Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.0
    (Ubuntu UE 2.0) (
    which as the name suggests comes with all kind of applications ,

    codecs , drivers preinstalled out of the box and is based on solid
    Ubuntu 8.10 distribution hence offers the sam
    e repositories as the
    Ubuntu 8.10 distribution , as Official Ubuntu release does not include
    copy righted Softwares , Drivers, or Codecs by Default . so u may feel
    problem playing MP3 or DVD or FLV files etc initially. but Ubuntu UE
    includes all drives , codecs etc so there no problem all. The entire
    installation process is quite simple and the installer is same as the
    one that comes with normal Ubuntu 8.10 :)

    ref 1:
    ref 2: http:/

    Kubuntu uses the K Desktop Environment (also known as KDE). KDE is focused on
    including a lo
    t of point-and-click configuration options immediately available to end users. Kubuntu includes a bunch of KDE-native
    applications such as AmaroK (music player - Which is The BEST Music Player for any Linux System) , K3B (CD burning), Konqueror
    (web browser and file manager) and Kopete (instant messenger). You can
    Get Free Kubuntu and find the full list of software packages in kubuntu-deskto
    p here from Here

    PS. If u r new in Linux, Kubuntu is Definitely not for
    u , Try Ubuntu

    uses the Xfce desktop environment, which is a lighter one than Gnome or
    KDE. In terms of its design principles, it has a bit of a
    balance-presenting in some ways more point-and-click configuration
    options than Gnome but also re
    taining some of the simplicity of Gnome.
    Its main appeal is its speed, though, and it's ideal for systems with

    128 to 256 MB of RAM. Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu can run on 256 MB of RAM,
    but they're more ideal for 512 MB of RAM or more. Xfce inc
    ludes Thunar
    (file manager), Mozilla Thunderbird (email client), and Mousepad (text editor).

    You can Get Free Xubuntu and find the full list of software packages in xubuntu-desktop here from Here

    PS. if u hav older PC with low configuration then Xbuntu is Best .
    Otherwise use Ubuntu or Kubuntu for better Linux Experience.

    uses the Gnome desktop environment but has a different set of default
    applications from Ubuntu. Its focus is on educational tools. It
    includes GPaint (an easy to use paint program), Atomix (a puzzle game
    for building molecules out of isolated atoms), and Xaos (a real-time
    interactive fractal zoomer). You can find a full list of software
    packages in edubuntu-desktop here. You can Get Free Edubuntu and find
    the full list of software packages in edubuntu-desktop here from Here

    Eeebuntu is a new ASUS Eee PC friendly version of Ubuntu released this week that uses
    the default Gnome desktop environment.
    If you're looking for an easy way to install Ubuntu on your ASUS Eee PCwithout spending hours pulling your hair out trying to get WiFi, audio, an
    d other features working.
    You could either go with eeeXubuntu,
    an Eee PC-optimized version of Ubuntu using the XFCE desktop manager
    or EeeBuntu,
    Basically EeeBuntu is a full version of Ubuntu with a few patches
    applied that will enable WiFi and other features. The developer also
    added a few useful tweaks. For example, hitting F11 will make any
    window full screen, not just Firefox. You can also drag windows past
    the top of the screen, which makes installing Ubuntu a lot easier.
    Eventually, the developer plans to strip out some Ubuntu features that
    might not be necessary for Eee Users in order to cut down on the space
    it eats up. For now, Ubuntu will take up just over 2GB of storage.
    Get Free Eeebuntu from Here

    Gobuntu is a
    GNU/Linux operating system, derived from Ubuntu, that endeavors to
    adhere to the Ubuntu Free Software Foundation's
    four freedoms and intends to provide a base for other free software
    platforms to build upon with minimal modification required. I
    t does
    this by only including open-source non-restricted software. This means
    there will be no firmware, drivers, applications, or content included
    in Gobuntu that does not include the full source or whose license does
    not provide the right to use, study, modify, and redistribute the body
    of work.

    Gobuntu shares the same system requirements as Ubuntu. At
    present, this means Gobuntu is available for 32-bit and 64-Bit PC
    architectures and the install requires at least 4 GB of disk space. You
    can Get Free Edubuntu and find the full list of software packages in
    Gobuntu-desktop here from Here

    Info Help from, and special thnx to Graham Perrin

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