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Janos Haits

Proxlet | Fight Twitter Noise - 2 views

    Tired of Twitter noise? Block apps, mute users, and filter tags on Twitter.
recriweb prinkipo

8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Twitter - 12 views

    There's a lot of noise on Twitter. People use a variety of ways to filter through that noise, from following specific lists, finding like-minded people through third party sites, or using a variety of services and websites to find the information that matters to them on Twitter. Another interesting way to filter through what is being said on Twitter, and better yet, analyse it, is to visualize it [...]
Janos Haits

Tweetdig - Twitter Filter - 3 views

    Easy Twitter Filtering TweetDig is the smarter way to filter Tweets, so you can prioritize what you read. It's time to hide the Twitter 'noise' and de-clutter your timeline.
Rem Palpitt

Twitter CEO sees journalists as curators of tweets - 3 views

    "These little bits of information" are complementary to what journalists do. Twitter is working on relevancy and heping people find what is more relevant to them, says Williams, but sees a role for journalists in helping audiences sifting the signal from the noise. He talks about journalists' role as curating the messages on Twitter, with the Huffington Post being a leader in this area. But Williams also says the company wants to build more trust and authenticity into Twitter. The company is working on reputation systems, though this is still at its nascent phase.
Rachid Rasheed

The Twitalyzer for Tracking Influence and Measuring Success in Twitter - 0 views

    The Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media.
Elizabeth Koh

Logic+Emotion: The Human Feed: How Twitter & Networks Filter Signal From Noise - 0 views

  • one of the functions that networks such as Twitter does is to serve as something of a human powered feed, a real time living stream of links, content and conversation often times generated by our friends, peers or the people we look to as "filters"—indivisuals who we trust to seperate the wheat from chaff.
  • the internet is still about information—but it's also about attention
  • We have a deficit in attention.
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  • We all suffer from technology induced attention deficit disorder,
  • Bookmarks don't help—now we need tools like  And of course we need Google more than ever. And there's once more thing we need. We need each other to make sense of it all. We need a Web with a human touch to help guide us through the fragmented, landscape of the internet. And that's where the human feed comes in.
  • power in the human feed
  • Often times the quality of links and information I get on Twitter is better than what I would have gotten from Google because the knowledge of the human feed is deep, niche, and fickle.
  • It's not always about size—it's also about quality
Valerie B.

Mixero - 0 views

    The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise.
Kate Olson

Friends May Be the Best Guide Through the Noise - New York Times - 0 views

    "ignoring the Me Media gluttons who gum up the works with a frivolous blog posting or Twitter text every few minutes" - article about friendfeed/twitter, but tone rather
Elizabeth Koh

Swine flu: Twitter's power to misinform | Net Effect - 0 views

  • Twitter seems to have introduced too much noise into the process
  • The problem with Twitter is that there is very little context you can fit into 140 characters, even less so if all you are doing is watching a stream of messages that mention “swine flu.”
  • Now, the lack of context is probably not a problem in 99% of discussions happening on Twitter – or, at least, it's not a problem with devastating global consequences.
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  • networked panic
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