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Grace Kat

Calculate the Twitter Quotient | - 0 views

    This page will get your Twitter stats (# friends, #updates) and calculate your Twitter profile!
Darren Draper

Diversity Index - 0 views

    According to @jeffmason, this site can be used to calculate your Twitter network diversity index. See also .
Darren Draper

OPEN Teacher Talk: What is Your Network Diversity Index? - 0 views

  • If, like myself, the math makes you wail and gnash your teeth, try the following. Evaluate your network, divide it into groups, give each group a number and determine how many people you have representing each group. Then follow this link to a Shannon Index calculator, enter your the number of people you have in each group, compute and read the value for H1.
    • Darren Draper
      I plan on trying this for my Twitter network...
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