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Andrew Long

Twitter Limits Potential App Growth - How This Hurts Our Users | The SocialToo Blog - 0 views

    Jesse at Socialtoo discusses implications of Twitter's recent announcement to cap access to the API for whitelist services. Comments are illuminating.
Andrew Long

Transcription of 'Phish My Phail Whale' | Ratafia Currant - 0 views

    A patient transcription of a podcast between Citizen Group and Twitter API guy Alex Payne. Skip the intro nonsense and jump to the good bits.
Zulkarnain K.

Scripting Twitter with cURL - 0 views

    cURL is a very versatile command line utility which is designed to script web pages interactions. As a little demo, this tutorial will show you how to use it to easily overcome the shortcomings of Twitter's API.
Ginger Lewman

Twitter - 0 views

shared by Ginger Lewman on 30 Mar 08 - Cached
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