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Joe Bennett

40 Day Challenge - Day 9 - 12 views

40 Day Challenge

started by Joe Bennett on 14 Aug 14
  • Joe Bennett
    Great Impressions

    You can tell a lot about a relationship from the way two people greet each other. You can see it in their smiles, hear it in their voice, feel it in their energy levels.

    The "greeting" can become a litmus test of relational health. How do you greet your other person - is it warm and caring or is it cold and callous? Do you say "you are priceless to me" or do you say "you are tolerated by me"? Consider the difference it would make in your other person's day if everything about you expressed the fact that you were really, really glad to see them.

    Today's Challenge:
    Think of a specific way you'd like to greet your other person today. Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm. Then determine to change your greeting to daily reflect more love for them.

    When you complete the challenge reflect on the following:
    1. When and where did you choose to do your special greeting?
    2. How did your other person respond to it?
    3. How will you change your greeting from this point on?
  • Mingaile Taber
    I like this one! Definitely need some work to do...
  • Harold Wright
    I agree. This one is challenging. I tried it this afternoon and got absolutely no response (just a "you must be crazy" look). However, I think that simply doing this greeting every day will help ME keep in mind how I wish my way of being to be, and will keep me working toward that end.

    Additionally, I would advise others to be cautious of the tone of the greeting. I think I may have come off as being a bit sarcastic (not my intent).
  • Mingaile Taber
    I hope it was not me who gave you this blank look this afternoon... When you greeted me in the press room I could not hear anything you were saying...

    I agree, it is more how you feel about the greeting rather than how others might see it.
  • Harold Wright
    Gail, it was definitely not you!! :)

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