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Joe Bennett

40 Day Challenge - Day 5 - 11 views

40 Day Challenge

started by Joe Bennett on 08 Aug 14
  • Joe Bennett
    Today's challenge is about rudeness.

    Rudeness is unnecessarily saying or doing things that are unpleasant for another person to be around. We can include sarcastic quips in this definition as well.

    By eliminating rudeness we are essentially saying to the other person - "I value you enough to exercise some self-control around you."

    Perhaps ask yourself some questions regarding your other person
    1. How do they feel about the way you speak & act around them?
    2. How does your behavior affect their sense of worth & self-esteem?
    3. Would they say you're wonderful to be around or that you're condescending & embarrassing?

    Today's Challenge:
    Ask your other person 3 things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do so without attacking them or justifying your behavior. This is from their perspective only.

    When complete reflect on the following questions:
    1. What things did they point out about you that need your attention?
    2. How did you handle hearing it?
    3. What do you plan to do to improve in these areas?
  • Mingaile Taber
    It is Friday... and it is VERY challenging task! I will modify today's challenge to fit (not avoid) the situation. I might leave the original task for the last day. I have to wait for the right moment to ask those questions anyway. Let's see...
    I do not use sarcasm at work. I will take a baby step: no negativity or showing/feeling annoyed by others. How is that? It will be a good start, I think!
  • Joe Bennett
    Gail - let us know how it goes.

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