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Joe Bennett

40 Day Challenge - Day 20 - 6 views

40 Day Challenge

started by Joe Bennett on 04 Sep 14
  • Joe Bennett

    Everyday we place expectations on others - coworkers, bosses, employee's, wives, husbands, children. Sometimes they meet them, sometimes they don't. But never will they be able to satisfy totally all of the demands you ask of them - partly because some of your demands are unreasonable, and partly because others are only human.

    So stop expecting someone or something to keep you functioning and fulfilled on a non-stop basis. It's not fun for you or fair to them. When you pursue happiness through other people you end up missing the point and not being happy either. But when you lose yourself in the pursuit of connecting with others, serving others, you get both fulfilled relationships and happiness.

    Today's Challenge:
    Be intentional today about making time to reflect on your demands of others and read a piece of literature that takes you to an "out-of-the-box" space. Perhaps it's some of the Arbinger books, perhaps it's a piece of literature that's always moved you. Whatever it is make the time for it today. As you do, immerse yourself in the space that this creates for you. A space to get "out-of-the-box".

    When complete:
    1. How do you think spending time daily doing this might change your situation and perspective?
    2. How can you make this a bigger part of your day?
  • Mingaile Taber
    I need to print this out and read it as a reminder every day!

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