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Joe Bennett

40 Day Challenge - Day 12 - 13 views

40 Day Challenge

started by Joe Bennett on 19 Aug 14
  • Joe Bennett
    Winning & Stubbornness

    Defending your rights and opinions is a foundational part of your nature & make-up. However, in the context of a relationship it can be detrimental. It can steal away time & productivity and can cause great frustration for both of you.

    There is a way around the stalemates that we often find ourselves in and that is by finding the opposite of stubbornness. That word is willing. It is an attitude and spirit of cooperation that should permeate our conversations. Maybe something that sounds like, "I am willing to go your way on this one."

    Today's Challenge:
    Demonstrate your responsiveness to your other person by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and him/her. Tell them you are putting their preference first.

    When complete, reflect on the following:
    1. What issue did you choose?
    2. What did giving in cost you?
    3. How will this help you in the future?
  • Harold Wright
    I have a perfect opportunity to do this today. I will give it a try and see how it goes.
  • Mingaile Taber
    I will keep this in mind while traveling this weekend!
  • Harold Wright
    Update and result:

    1. The issue I would prefer to keep private

    2. Giving in cost me NOTHING!! (except perhaps a little bruise to the ego)

    3. This helps me in the future, because I now understand that I can do things the way this person wants to do them, and still come away with my own understanding (and it didn't kill me to take the back seat)

    This was a very enlightening exercise for me.
  • Joe Bennett
    Excellent - glad to hear it!

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