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Colin Bennett

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started by Colin Bennett on 21 Sep 07
  • Colin Bennett
    Hi there,

    It is all good an well listing these trends but how do we use them for the good of our interests. I am an experienced market researcher so I have my own view on this. Indeed, it is usually the case that any trend can be linked to any market/interest if approached in the correct way. Of course, I am looking for news about trends which will impact my interests. In this regard, I work for an Association. For me, gathering these trends is also a form of knowledge management.

    I look forward to a discussion on how trends may be used.
  • Hans De Keulenaer
    No attempt for a complete answer, but this summer, I've read through The Tipping Point, 'that magic moment when ideas, trends and social behaviors cross a threshold, tip and spread like wildfire'. The book is interesting, but begs the question about the sustainability of trends.

    There are trends which cause exponential growth in a very short time-frame, like Hush Puppies. But are these trends only sustainable until the next big thing?

    A couple of years ago, there was a book (can't remember the title) which basically said: 'every trend can be explained by demographics'. Surely I'd put my money on trends supported by a demographic driver. But everybody can see these trends, and they are often too slow and too grand for real business purpose.

    So I guess our challenge is to find specific trends, that are not hype but sustained by a momentum. And it would be good if only we would spot them, and if we were always right.

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