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James OReilly

SL Languages - 1 views

  • eappraisal of the use of translation as an aid to teaching
  • and a r
James OReilly

Facebook Friends FriendFeed - 0 views

  • I’ve been using FriendFeed for awhile and if you subscribe to my feed you’ll see just about everything that I do online. My feed includes all the articles I bookmark with delicious. When I write a new blog post it automatically shares it on my feed. Every time I tweet on Twitter and when I update my status on Facebook, they’re included here. When I add a video to my favorites on YouTube it is shared here as well. Currently there are 58 different sites that you can link to your FriendFeed, so it’s like the one stop shopping place for everything online!
  • FriendFeed also has a search function where someone without even registering on the site, can easily search all FriendFeed updates.
  • Facebook has been in the news quite a bit this week which they started off with the announcement that they have acquired the social-identity aggregator, FriendFeed.
James OReilly

ThinkBalm publishes business value study « ThinkBalm: Immersive Internet insi... - 0 views

  • Nearly 30% of survey respondents (19 of 66) said their organization recouped their investment in immersive technologies in less than nine months, once their project(s) launched.
  • The top motivations for investment in immersive technology in 2008 /1Q 2009 were enabling people in disparate locations to spend time together, increased innovation, and cost savings or avoidance.
  • Early implementers are choosing the simplest use cases first. The most common were learning and training (80%, or 53 of 66 respondents focused on this use case) and meetings (76%, or 50 of 66 respondents). Some intend to take on more complex use cases in 2010 or 2011.
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  • Immersive technology won out over a variety of alternatives primarily due to low cost and the increased engagement it delivers. The leading alternatives were Web conferencing and in-person meetings, followed by phone calls.
  • Work-related use of the Immersive Internet is in the early adopter phase. Before it can pass into the early majority phase, practitioners and the technology vendors who serve them must “cross the chasm.” The most common barriers to adoption are target users having inadequate hardware, corporate security restrictions, and getting users interested in the technology.
James OReilly

Grid computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • CERN, one of the largest users of grid technology, talk of The Grid: "a service for sharing computer power and data storage capacity over the Internet."
  • Grids can be categorized with a three stage model of departmental grids, enterprise grids and global grids.
  • World Community Grid Global November 2004 unknown
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  • According to John Patrick, IBM's vice president for Internet strategies, "the next big thing will be grid computing
  • It is a form of distributed computing whereby a "super and virtual computer" is composed of a cluster of networked, loosely coupled computers, acting in concert to perform very large tasks.
  • It can be small -- confined to a network of computer workstations within a corporation, for example -- or it can be a large, public collaboration across many companies or networks.
  • "Distributed" or "grid" computing in general is a special type of parallel computing[citation needed] that relies on complete computers
  • connected to a network
  • by a conventional network interface, such as Ethernet.
  • The primary advantage of distributed computing is that each node can be purchased as commodity hardware, which when combined can produce similar computing resources to a multiprocessor supercomputer, but at lower cost.
  • One feature of distributed grids is that they can be formed from computing resources belonging to multiple individuals or organizations (known as multiple administrative domains). This can facilitate commercial transactions, as in utility computing, or make it easier to assemble volunteer computing networks.
  • Grids offer a way to solve Grand Challenge problems such as protein folding, financial modeling, earthquake simulation, and climate/weather modeling.
  • The European Union has been a major proponent of Grid computing.
  • According to John Patrick, formerly IBM's vice president for Internet strategies, "the next big thing will be grid computing." [1]
  • back-office data processing in support of e-commerce and Web services.
  • European DataGrid (EDG) and is arguably the largest computing grid on the planet
  • along with the LHC Computing Grid [5] (LCG), has been developed to support the experiments using the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The LCG project is driven by CERN's need to handle huge amounts of data, where storage rates of several gigabytes per second (10 petabytes per year) are required.
Jeff Johnson

GUIDE: Zap PRAM, Repair Permissions, & run FSCK - Mac Forums - 0 views

    GUIDE: Zap PRAM, Repair Permissions, & run FSCK Mac OS X
James OReilly

Disruptive technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • Unresolved examples of technologies promoted as 'disruptive innovations'
  • Free/open source software vs proprietary software.
  • Reconfigurable Computing as part of a dual paradigm approach to High Performance Computing vs. traditional computing
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  • Web TV versus broadcast television.
  • ebooks vs. paper books as well as other content distribution by download (video games, films etc) instead of physical storage media (DVDs).
James OReilly

Technological convergence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • changing the way we create, consume, learn and interact with each other”
  • Many experts view this as simply being the tip of the iceberg, as all facets of institutional activity and social life such as business, government, art, journalism, health and education are increasingly being carried out in these digital media spaces across a growing network of ICT devices.
  • In today's world, the internet does more than that. It is an important tool used to reach various audiences around the world. Its uses have been constantly trying to create more ways in which the internet can be useful in more ways than one.
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  • Convergence of media occurs when multiple products come together to form one product with the advantages of all of them, also known as the black box.
James OReilly

Transcribing Equipment - Free Digital Transcription Software - 0 views

  • Works with speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to automatically convert speech to text.
James OReilly

Second Life English Blog - 0 views

    Free classroom space on the Second Life English (Virtlantis) SIM is now available!
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