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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Donna Baumbach

Donna Baumbach

puush - 20 views

    Puush - Quick screenshots, publishing, sharing, storage. Public or private. Free or pro. Windows or OSX.
Donna Baumbach

Pegby: Peg it up, Move it Around, Get it Done. - 7 views

    Pegby wants you to stop using those sticky notes that seem to be everywhere on and around your work desk, and instead use their cards and stacks to manage tasks. Their task management board is divided into mainly three columns - pending, in process and done (you can add more columns if you need them), and in each column you can add cards which are basically tasks and their descriptions. Different cards (tasks) can be combined together into a named stack, each card or stack can be dragged or dropped across columns. You can also invite people and jointly create and manage tasks.

    Each card can be customized in various ways. Its color can be changed, it can be tagged and much more. There's a way to filter your board too if you think it's full of clutter.


    * Manage tasks through online cards and stacks.
    * Have family members use it along with you.
    * Add columns to the board, drag and drop cards.
    * Similar tools: Corkboard, Pindax and WallWisher.

Donna Baumbach - 8 views

    add HTML code to webpage so that when someone copies a large section of your webpage, they are given an embed code instead--links back to your page and tracks where your words are embedded.

Donna Baumbach

NanoGong - Home - 5 views

    "NanoGong is an applet that can be used by someone to record, playback and save their voice, in a web page. When the recording is played back the user can speed up or slow down the sound without changing it."
Donna Baumbach

Pearltrees - 4 views

    as in pearls of wisdom? organize the web your way. web mapping.
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