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Useful Color Calculators and Spreadsheets - 8 views

    *CIE Color Calculator: Converts among most of the CIE color models as well as providing correlated color temperature and standard RGB conversions. *Companding Calculator: Converts among luminance, CIE L*, density and gamma. Includes both a numeric calculator and a graphical display. *Color Difference Calculator: Computes color differences using several different methods (CIE1976, CIE1994, CIE2000, CMC). *Chromatic Adaptation Calculator: Converts colors between reference whites using different chromatic adaptation algorithms. *CIE Spectral Display: Calculates and displays many useful CIE functions, such as the Standard Observers, the Standard Illuminants and blackbody radiators. *Spectral Calculator Spreadsheets: Calculates colorimetry, densitometry and RGB values from your spectral data. *Levels Calculator: See how you lose levels when you pass data through curves. *ColorChecker Calculator: Performs many spectral calculations on the 24 colors of the ColorChecker chart. *ColorChecker RGB Summaries, Spreadsheets and Lab TIFF File: You will find three things on this page, a) summaries of the ColorChecker colors, expressed in each of many standard RGB color spaces, b) spreadsheets that allow you to find which RGB color space is closest to your RGB values, and c) a computer generated Lab TIFF file of the ColorChecker. *Munsell Display Calculator: Displays the Munsell color set (2734 colors) in xyY, Lab and Luv. This is a useful tool for evaluating uniform perceptual color spaces. Also included is an explanation of the infamous "blue turns purple" problem often seen with printer profiles. *Dot Gain Calculator: Performs the standard Murray-Davies dot gain equation to your density measurements. *Dot Gain from Lab or Profile: Two spreadsheets which calculate dot gain from Lab measurements, also allowing you to measure the dot gain of a CMYK ICC printer profile.
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