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yc c - Enter the Searchtrix - 4 views

  • searches for all combinations between words entered into each box above.For example, the search:love,hate x cats,dogsReturns posts and updates from people containing any mention of: love,hate followed by either cats,dogs. Example results are shown is a goldmine for efficiently extracting popular keyword data and phrases from the world's most popular social media sites: Twitter, Facebook and Topsy.
Tyme 2.0

Daily Todo - track your daily tasks ! - 15 views

    "Daily Todo is a simple tool that lets you to track your daily tasks. So whether it is sticking to an exercise routine, taking your dog for a walk, or learning a new English word, you can track each of these daily tasks with this tool."
yc c

88 Miles - Uncomplicated time tracking - 0 views

    88 Miles is very, very simple; you add companies, projects and then click the relevent start/finish buttons as you make your way through the workday. And this guy 'eats his own dog food' - 88 Miles was made to sort out his own time management issues, and he's giving it away for free.
yc c

Talking - 2 views

shared by yc c on 13 Feb 10 - Cached
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