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yc c

Twistory - 1 views

    Add your Twitter backlog feed to your favorite calendar application and browse through your personal Twitter diary, making your Twitter history both fun and useful!
Janos Haits

Journamatic - Your Journal. Automatic. - 2 views

    your automatic journal. Simply connect your social media sites and Journamatic automatically creates your daily journal/diary. See where you've been, what you've tweeted, what you've watched, photos you've uploaded, and more... all organized by day, month and week.
yc c

LocaPoint Geocoding System Home - 3 views

    LocaPoint is the state-of-the-art location pointer code that can express any location of the world, only with 12 letters. SW8.HQ9.CS6.PQ8 Statue of Liberty SD9.XC4.FE1.CV4 Tokyo Tower UL4.MZ7.FP3.TU4 London Eye You can say prompt answer, "10:35" or "16:45" to the question, "What time is it". But, can you say a prompt answer to the question, "Where is it" ? You may use Address, Landmark, Direction, or Map. But there is no prompt way to answer - before LocaPoint came. Application LocaPoint can be used in anything that need to show a location. * Directory/Travel Guide/Restaurant Guide * Blog/Travel Diary * Real Estate information * Pleasure * Appointment * Advertising/Signs * and More.... Advantages of using LocaPoint LocaPoint has a unique format - "Letter, Letter, Number" , that leads a three advantages. First, you can easily recognize that this is a information regarding a location by this format, as you do for "***@***.com" as email address, or "http://****" as URLs. Second, the pattern of "Letter, Letter, Number" helps you to cognize, read, tell, listen, input, or remember. If a code has no pattern, or is totally random, you may have a difficult time to use it. Third, LocaPoint unique format is also "Detectable" for a computer. Computer can detect LocaPoint as a "location information" and can automatically start a GIS application, such as Map or Navigator. Here is a simple program to do it. By clicking this, every LocaPoint that is written in plain text will be "Linkify" to GoogleMaps with specified location.
yc c

Reminders through Twitter | Tweet Reminder - 0 views

shared by yc c on 27 Jan 10 - Cached
  • With Tweet Reminder you can keep track of all your important diary dates via your Twitter account. It's simple and easy to use, just write your message, schedule the reminder using the calendar then simply add your Twitter username and click Set Reminder.
yc c - home - 8 views

    A bit like moodjam, generates graphics
yc c

MoodViews - MoodViews - 4 views

  • MoodViews is a collection of tools for tracking the stream of mood-annotated text made available by LiveJournal. At present, MoodViews consists of three components, each offering a different view of global mood levels, the aggregate across all postings of the various moods: Moodgrapher tracks the global mood levels, Moodteller predicts them, and Moodsignals (coming soon) helps in understanding the underlying reasons for mood changes.
    generates global graphic
Đồ Chơi Xe Hơi Cao Cấp AKauto

Dán Phim Cách Nhiệt Ô Tô Đức: Lựa Chọn Tốt Cho Sức Khỏe và Sự Riêng Tư - 1 views

#akauto #phim_cach_nhiet_o_to #dan_phim_cach_nhiet_o_to #phim_cach_nhiet_duc

started by Đồ Chơi Xe Hơi Cao Cấp AKauto on 18 Oct 23 no follow-up yet
Đồ Chơi Xe Hơi Cao Cấp AKauto

Có Nên Dán Phim Cách Nhiệt Ntech Cho Xe Hơi - 1 views https:...

#akauto #phim_cach_nhiet_ntech #phim_cach_nhiet_o_to #phim_cach_nhiet #dan_phim_cach_nhiet #gia_phim_cach_nhiet_ntech

started by Đồ Chơi Xe Hơi Cao Cấp AKauto on 04 Nov 23 no follow-up yet
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