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Janos Haits

EasyBrake - Just One Click - 22 views

    The conversion has been never easy. Several switches, unknown words, incompatible or bad results and wasted time. EasyBrake will not change the world, but might do it easier. We are at the beginning of the development, therefore be tolerant if you find a bug.
Janos Haits // let users correct your mistakes - 20 views

    Blogs, company websites, portals. What connects them? Mistakes. Misspelled words, wrong information, bad grammar. We want to take care of it. Would you like to help us?
yc c

Dirtch: Find and monitor dirt on anyone, including yourself - 1 views

    Find and monitor bad things on anyone, including yourself.
yc c - Filter your embedded Twitter feed and block Twitter spam - 2 views

shared by yc c on 30 Jan 10 - Cached
    Automatic or Manual Approval of Tweets Custom Bad Word Filtering Whitelist or Blacklist Twitter Users Auto-rejection of spam based on a number of settings Integration with WordPress and 
yc c

The Backlink Checker :: Backlinks made easy by The Link Inspector - 4 views

    An online tool for checking backlinks to your site. Detailed information about your backlinks, such as availability, link text, nofollow tags. We'll even search for new backlinks, and let you know if there is any new one that you need to know about - good or bad.
yc c

things@kureno : Lorem Ipsum Tool - meaningful text generator - 2 views

  • Is Lorem Ipsum good or bad for your designs?
    • yc c
      What's the problem with Lorem Ipsum? Truth is, there is nothing wrong with Lorem Ipsum itselfBut, the most alarming problem with using Lorem Ipsum is that it is meaningless. The texts don't mean anything therefore does not communicate any message. By using Lorem Ipsum as your filler texts during development, you may confuse clients and project stakeholders.
    LOREM IPSUM TOOL content+ markup options (Unordered List,  Ordered List,  Headings,  Paragraphs)
yc c

Free A/B split testing tools - Visual Website Optimizer - 0 views

  • Landing page analyzer
    • yc c
      Your page does a bad job in motivating a visitor to take engage with your offering. XP
    Landing page analyzer Answer a series of questions to know how effective is your landing page on industry's best practices. Run tool → Test significance calculator For given number of trials and conversion rate, want to know if the results are statistically significant? Run tool → A/B Ideafox Get ideas for A/B, split and multivariate tests by reading case studies sorted by industry and problem type. Run tool → Test duration calculator Calculate the number of days you will need to run your A/B split test in order to get reliable results. Run tool →
yc c - 1 views

  • is a "Neighborhood Watch" campaign aimed at fighting badware. We will seek to provide reliable, objective information about downloadable applications in order to help consumers to make better choices about what they download on to their computers. We aim to become a central clearinghouse for research on badware and the bad actors who spread it, and to become a focal point for developing collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware.

Instant Profiler - Find up-to date information of any person by his email address. - 4 views

Advancement in technologies and evolution of the internet has given us a lot of good thing and a few bad things too. You get disturbed in various ways through the internet, one of the main disturba...

Search criminal records for sex offender

started by instantprofiler on 09 Feb 15 no follow-up yet
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