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started by getductlessac on 30 Sep 15
  • getductlessac

    Summary: Scroll down to know more about
    prolific benefits of using ductless heating and cooling system.

    heating and cooling systems
    have taken the HVAC industry by
    storm in New York. They have put an
    end to the expansive and expensive sprawling ductwork in new construction or
    remodeled homes and businesses. These ductless
    heating and cooling
    systems utilize
    heat pump technology to saturate the rooms with much quieter and efficient warm
    or cool air as compared to traditional Air Conditioning Systems. A ductless air conditioner maintains a
    consistent temperature and improves air quality within your home. All while
    using considerably less electricity and creating less noise as compared to
    standard HVAC systems. So you can save your money while being more comfortable!

    Explore the Primary Components of Ductless Split System:

    ductless A.C needs a considerably less amount of space. This is the reason why
    they are known as a "mini ductless split system". Below are its two major

    Compressor Unit:
    A compressor unit is installed outside the house
    generally on a concrete slab or mounted to the side of a home.


    Indoor Unit: An
    indoor unit, which contains a fan, is installed near the ceiling on an outer


    Below Are The Advantages Of Using Ductless Air

    Improved Heat and Air Technology:
    Unlike conventional HVAC
    systems, Mitsubishi Mr. Slim systems provide highly efficient cooling and
    heating with almost no noise. They put out the same volume as a human whisper!
    Mitsubishi Ductless Systems also have extremely intelligent sensors that scan
    the room for hot or cold spots and directs the heating or cooling to correct
    these temperature inconsistencies. Add in air filtration and you've got an
    incredible amount of comfort, at a lower cost with additional benefits.

    Installation and Maintenance:
    Installing a traditional HVAC
    system is a very intensive construction process taking several installers and
    trades and taking sometimes upward of a couple weeks. Ductless Systems can be
    installed with a fraction of the manpower, as well as time.  And maintenance is a simple as rinsing off
    the air filtration cartridge.

    and Flexibility Combined:
    quality ductless A.C comes with dual
    benefits. You get relief from high energy bills and greater comfort options
    throughout your home. They can be installed anywhere including a new
    construction, condominium/ building or home additions.

    Save Your Money: Utilizing inverter driven
    technology, Mitsubishi Ductless Systems can speed up or slow down heating or
    cooling based upon the rooms needs. Typical HVAC is full on or full off. It is
    also heating areas that you may not be in. Ductless systems run independent,
    which means you can close off areas of the house to save even more money on

    Ductless heating and cooling allows
    you to have consistent temperatures in all of your rooms. Sunny rooms need less
    heat, and the ductless system will decrease the heat output to compensate and
    prevent the room from being too hot. Conversely, rooms with less sun exposure
    will be cooler in the summer, therefore the ductless system will decrease the
    cooling to keep the temperature where you want it. Ductless systems are
    environment friendly and very customizable. Homeowners will enjoy setting
    different temperatures in different parts of the house based on their level of
    comfort, not just one thermostat for the whole house.

    All these benfits are only
    available with modern ductless systems. Why restrict your level of comfort by
    installing conventional HVAC's heating and cooling systems? Comfort yourself
    with hassle-free ductless air
    . Contact Northeast Ductless, a professional ductless contractor, who will install and maintain the
    ductless systems at your home.

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