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Mrs. Tomassi

The Butterfly WebSite - butterfly photos, butterfly clipart, education, butterfly zoos ... - 0 views

  • utterfly Website is the world's oldest and largest website dedicated to butterflies and moths. Here
    This is the good one with the big picture. (take notes)
Mrs. Tomassi

Nancy Reagan Dies at 94 - - 0 views

    • Mrs. Tomassi
      Read this article on Nancy Regan
  • heart failure a
  • Anne Frances Robbins
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • six years later the teenager convinced her father to surrender custody rights so that Mr. Davis could formally adopt her
  • MGM signed her on as the clean-cut girl next door, which limited her prospect at romantic leads
  • Nancy Davis arranged to meet him over the appearance of her name on a Communist blacklist, which turned out to be a mix-up with another actress
  • Their relationship remained non-committal, howeve
  • In March 1952, the two married in a small private ceremony. Nancy became the stepmother to Ronald Reagan’s two biological children and adopted son, but she was also two months pregnant with their first child, Patricia Anne. Their son Ronald Prescott was born six years late
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