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Ruth Nation

Silk - Publish your collections of information - 1 views

    "Create collections of pages"
    collaborate and publish

    JH HS or classroom
Ruth Nation

Creative Educator - Articles: Project-Based Learning - 0 views

    New ideas for a new school year!
Ruth Nation

Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English - 0 views

    tons of resources
Ruth Nation

Thousands of Free Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers | Verizon Thinkfi... - 0 views

    great community of online resources. search by grade-level
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Project Based Learning Lessons, Templates, PBL Websites for Teachers| LearningReviews.c... - 2 views

    Project-based Learning Lessons and Ideas K-12
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Problem Based Learning Activities - 0 views

    looks like a wide variety of grade levels
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Museum of the Earth - 0 views

    4th grade science
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AllExperts Questions & Answers - 0 views

    find an online expert here
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Collaboration: Ask-An-Expert - 0 views

    Ask an expert - help creating projects
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Learning Materials in a Problem Based Course * Guides for Lecturers * UK Centre for Mat... - 0 views

    rials in a Problem Based Course

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    by James Busfield and Ton Peijs
    Why This Guide?

    In 2000 the Department of Materials at Queen Mary University of London introduced Problem Based Learning (PBL) into their first year undergraduate program - being the first Materials Department in the UK to do so. A year later PBL was further expanded into their second year undergraduate program. To make space in the curriculum, the teaching load was reduced by 20% and most of the traditional practical classes were removed.

    Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a concept used to enhance multidisciplinary skills using planned problem scenarios. It is an active way of learning that teaches students problem solving skills, while at the same time allowing them to acquire basic knowledge. PBL was first introduced in the late 1960s at McMaster University in North America, and has since spread around the world mainly in medical education.

    The principal aims of implementing PBL are:

    * To integrate knowledge and skills from a range of multidisciplinary modules
    * To acquire knowledge through self-study
    * To teach students how to work in groups and manage group projects
    * To improve and develop transferable skills of students
    * To develop problem solving skills of students
    * To encourage self-motivation, curiosity and thinking
    * And finally, to make learning fun!

    A PBL Guide

    This guide is based on what Queen Mary University of London does and its context. It can be used as a guide to developing a PBL system that works in your context.

    At Queen Mary University of London, for first year students, the PBL program consists of 6 case studies (3 per semester) and s
Ruth Nation

Doing What Works - Home - 0 views

shared by Ruth Nation on 05 Sep 08 - Cached
Ruth Nation

Hands-On Math Movie - Undersea Treasure - 0 views

    Lots of ideas and resources
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