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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jack Jones

Jack Jones

Mister Wong | Marcador social - 4 views

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Jack Jones

The Bimusical Brain | PRI's The World - 1 views

    • Jack Jones
      Bimusical además de bilingüe.
  • the ultimate American multitaskers
  • But the ultimate American multitaskers may be the children of foreign-born parents. Every day, these hyphenated Americans swing back and forth between cultures—in the food they eat, the languages they speak, and the music they listen to.
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  • A new study out of the Northwestern University focuses on this ‘bimusicality.’ The author, Patrick Wong, specializes in how the brain processes sound. Wong suspected that people who grew up listening to both the Beatles and tango might develop differently from people who grew up listening to just Western music or just Latin music.
  • People tend to report that foreign music has more tension. But the people who grew up with both Western and Indian music felt low degrees of tension with both types of music. They were equally at home listening to either genre. Wong called these people ‘bimusicals.’
    Comparto el audio más por el interés del tema que su posible uso en el aula, además de ver si realmente soy capaz de hacer esta tarea. Que os disfrutéis con los Beatles y Cielito Lindo.
    ¿Por qué conformarse con ser bilingüe si se puede ser bimusical?
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