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Flora D Costa

Tips for Green Living in Your Apartment - 0 views

    Most of us crave to re-model our properties in India with different concepts. Few of us would like to concentrate on interior design while few others would like to convert the apartment into a healthy place to live in. One of such concepts is turning your home/apartment eco-friendly. Going green does not literally mean permanently renovating your building but to change your lifestyle and have a positive effect all around. It does not matter if you own the apartment you are staying in or have rented it, you can still create your own eco space living without hampering the design of the house. All you need to do is follow the below simple steps; efficient energy use, keep a check on your waste, efficient computer use, replace your bulbs, compost the waste, going green in bathroom, usage of cold water, recycling and reusing, indoor plants, cleaning process, reduce water usage, heating and cooling systems. To read all tips click on the link.
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