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    member since 2010-01-22

  • Marcus Goodyear

    Marcus Goodyear

    I'm an editor and researcher for the Foundations for Laity Renewal in the Texas hill country. Our programs include,, and

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    member since 2009-10-20

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  • Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith

    I help businesses and non profit organizations understand and use social media. I'm also a speaker and facilitator who writes about the intersection of life, work and faith. And, I'm a Welcome Editor at High Calling Blogs dot com. No longer a newlywed but still blending a family with four chil...

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    member since 2010-02-22

  • Chris Cree

    Chris Cree

    New Media Speaker and Systemizer - guiding real businesses to increased influence and income through current technologies. Professional Navigator: in Planes, Ships, and on the Web. Aspiring actor.

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    member since 2009-11-05

  • Dena Dyer

    Dena Dyer

    Wife, mom, singer, author, and recovering perfectionist who loves to laugh (esp. at myself!) and encourage others; I'm a contributing editor and writer at High Calling Blogs (

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    member since 2010-03-22

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