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Three Classroom Blogging Tips for Teachers - The Tempered Radical - 0 views

  • Tip 1:  Create ONE Topic-Focused Blog
  • Tip 2: Train Student Editors to Lead Your Blogging Project
  • Tip 3: Recruit Readers and Commenters to Your Blog
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  • THEY have the power to make a difference in the world.
    So far, the project has been a remarkable success.  We've literally posted a new bit every school day for the past month -- and my students are straight jazzed about the notion that THEY have the power to make a difference in the world.

Five Ways Free Online Classes Will Change College, or Not | LinkedIn - 0 views

  • Coursera, is barely a year old and already has 2.5 million students, 215 courses, and 33 college and university partners.
  • If applicants take a MOOC or two from one of the colleges they are considering, it allows the institution to better assess the readiness of potential students.
  • MOOCs can reduce those numbers if some students could take MOOCs to brush up on what they don’t know well enough before they get to college, for free and with little risk.
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  • Hybrid courses (combination of face-to-face and online) have the potential to transform how students learn, how quickly they finish a course, and as a result, lower the cost of going to college.
  • Early research shows that hybrid courses are just as engaging for students.
  • MOOCs can provide the online content for a hybrid course, reducing the cost to colleges and time of professors to replicate the creation of course content across every single campus.
  • MOOCs are likely to provide the best content for introductory courses, at least at first.
  • Eventually, MOOCs will put bundle together a few courses into a curriculum that will lead to a certificate equal to what colleges are now charging thousands of dolars for.
  • Colleges are still concerned with students coming to campus with too many credits earned elsewhere. Some, like Dartmouth, want to be sure students get the full campus experience, others want to protect their bottom line and be sure they get tuition dollars for as many courses as they can.

Walk Through Observations Using Google Forms (with auto email feedback) | LEADministration - 0 views

    Using Google Forms for teacher observations is not something that I thought of. Many schools are currently using Forms as a way to easily and quickly record data from teacher observations. The advantage is of using a Google Form is that it compiles all the data into a spreadsheet which allows school leaders to quickly and easily see trends in the school's classrooms.

How Twitter has made me a New Teacher « Dukelyer - 0 views

    I grabbed an opportunity to travel to an EXPO in Dunedin where I met up with a teacher who I had met the past year and he was Tweeting. He asked me for my Twitter name and I looked at him blankly as I believed that Twitter was just plain stupid and who cares what I had for breakfast or other dumb things that Twitter users tweet about. He explained that I was wrong and that he just keeps in contact with other teachers that he knows, but does not get to physically see that often. Then through the WiFi I downloaded the Twitter App on my phone and @dukelyer was born.
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