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Joyce Valenza

Freshman Assembly 2011 on Vimeo - 17 views

    Great, student driven orientation!
Anthony Beal

What2Learn - 16 views

    2...the home of superpowered revision and learning. The fun and effective way to learn. Play some of our thousands of revision games and quizzes or make your own. Whether you are revising for examinations and tests such as GCSE and SATs, or simply looking for a powerful and engaging way to develop literacy and understanding, register today and start the learning fun."
Anthony Beal

Teaching Wikipedia At A Glance | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 16 views

    Poster to teach some uses for Wikipedia in education 
Elease Franchini

Track your Fiction Book Series - FictFact - 27 views

    The site is designed to help you read fiction book series in order. It is easy to find out which book is next with a custom list based on your favorite series!
Anne Weaver

Ebook Search Engine, Free Ebooks, Ebook Price Comparison | Inkmesh - 21 views

    An ebook search engine.
Dennis OConnor

Information Fluency Common Core Alignment - 18 views

    One school districts work aligning information fluency with the new Common Core Learning Standards.   Lots of work done here.  Are you facing a similar project?  
Glenda Morris

Graphic Organizers Maker - 23 views

    The teacher tools below will allow you to make graphic organizers by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer. Your creations are exclusive to you. If you would like to keep your creations, save them when you make them. includes concept maps, KWL organisers
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