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Antonietta Neighbour

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade - - 20 views

  • Simply put, we can’t keep preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist. We can’t keep ignoring the formidable cognitive skills they’re developing on their own. And above all, we must stop disparaging digital prowess just because some of us over 40 don’t happen to possess it. An institutional grudge match with the young can sabotage an entire culture.
  • A classroom suited to today’s students should deemphasize solitary piecework. It should facilitate the kind of collaboration that helps individuals compensate for their blindnesses, instead of cultivating them. That classroom needs new ways of measuring progress, tailored to digital times — rather than to the industrial age or to some artsy utopia where everyone gets an Awesome for effort.

  • The new classroom should teach the huge array of complex skills that come under the heading of digital literacy. And it should make students accountable on the Web, where they should regularly be aiming, from grade-school on, to contribute to a wide range of wiki projects.
    According to Davidson (2011 p7) if we're frustrated at information overload then we should quit operating under twentieth century rules ... I'm currently reading "Now You See It". This is an article about the book.
Antonietta Neighbour

Piratepad Beta - 3 views

    Still in beta but it works.  Type and edit text in real-time with others and see their changes live.
Sally Dooley

EasyBib Research - 10 views

    Social research? An escalation in the citationwars.
Donna Baumbach

Educate with Thinglink - 9 views

    @sallliwilson implemented some of the ideas from the Google Doc "Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom"
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