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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kurt Laitner

Kurt Laitner

Social CRM & Community Solutions - Lithium - 1 views

    I think these guys have the money making down - that said, they earn on the basis of free labour - this is not sustainable
Kurt Laitner

Lithium scores money to grow corporate social networks | VentureBeat - 1 views

  • Lithium Technologies, which builds and operates social networks for enterprises, has raised $12 million in venture capital today.
  • Stenski’s answers have been viewed more than a million times, saving Dell more than $1 million, according to Lithium.
  • But Lithium has attempted to set itself apart by using game-like motivators such as leaderboards, rewards, reputations and profiles.
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  • Dell IdeaStorm voting, the most-frequent contributors can get “iSquared powers,” meaning they get ten times the voting power of other community members when it comes to selecting which of the IdeaStorm product ideas are the best.
Kurt Laitner

NSF earmarks $30M for game-changing Internet research | Community - 4 views

Kurt Laitner

Nice start on this topic frank! thanks! - 6 views

started by Kurt Laitner on 18 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
  • Kurt Laitner
    Re open source: totally agree not a self sustainable framework, parasitic to day jobs, hence *net
    money - see twine on money for some juicy bits, I will cross here with 'money' tag
    non monetary reward system - see *net and subtwines on twine, in particular valuation twine. BIIIIG topic, may break out on diigo as was on twine and cross best of (give me about 3 months) - but even on twine I had not covered the full spectrum, will take direction from your posts and post back in here from those groups (time, validation, surfacing/recommendation, trust, identity, reputation, etc etc

    In general I believe that no one should or can own *net and have it be successful. This would warp its purpose. My solemn promise is if we do build *net, we will all be very wealthy simply by using it. *net should be self sustaining without resorting to funding drives (like wikipedia) or commercialization at the fringes (linux) this in the end means taking pieces of transactions (like siri is doing on surfacing functions only more transaction types) but for now as a mere social network, it is worthwhile to assume we still need to use 'conventional' funding sources like ads, referrals etc. until the economic value exchange engine is dropped into this puppy
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