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Tétényi István

T-REGS - Telecoms Regulatory Expertise Europe - France: FttH law adopted and new ARCEP ... - 0 views

shared by Tétényi István on 03 Aug 08 - Cached
  • Last week, the French Parliament and the French regulatory authority ARCEP took major steps in defining a regulatory framework that aims at achieving widespread deployment of Fibre to the Home (FttH).
    • Tétényi István
      Fibre unbundling
  • disagreements about conditions for such fibre access are subject to ARCEP's dispute-resolution powers under the existing Art. L. 36-8 and enhances the existing Art. L. 36-6 in a manner which enables ARCEP to make an ex-ante determination of the technical and financial conditions of the new symmetric fibre access obligation.
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  • ARCEP's Market 4 decision of 25 July 2008 (page 76) indicates that it will consider extending fibre access obligations if the regulatory measures are insufficient to guarantee competition; the European Commission indicated in its letter dated 18 July 2008 (page 11) (which predates the adoption of the Law) that it encourages ARCEP to consider imposing other remedies in relation to market 4, in case the adopted law would not be sufficient to ensure effective competition in combination with duct access.
  • prevents landlords from refusing the installation and maintenance of fibre-optic lines for very high-bandwidth electronic communications,
    fibre unbundling
Tétényi István

Cook's Collaborative Edge » Blog Archive » Vint Cerf - Caught off Guard - Nev... - 0 views

  • Vint Cerf - Caught off Guard - Nevertheless Says what Needs to Be Said about our Misguided Policy
  • Basically it’s like little kids throwing a tantrum - I am not going to build this system unless you give me three scoops of ice cream and a pony.
  • Because this is serious infrastructure. It is very much like the road system and I have been ridiculed for suggesting that it be treated like the road system. “Oh you want the government to take over.”
    Vint Cerf - Caught off Guard - Nevertheless Says what Needs to Be Said about our Misguided Policy
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