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Sheridan Grey

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started by Sheridan Grey on 09 Nov 11
  • Sheridan Grey
    As a connoisseur of fine things, I always searched for the perfect and genuine art works that I can collect. Lately, I have been fascinated by the beauty and history of jade. I know for a fact that this gemstone is hard to come by especially if you are looking for the real, genuine kind. You have to travel all the way to mainland China particularly in Kunming, Yunnan Province just to have that genuine grade a high-end Burmese Jade (高档翡翠) pendant.

    Thankfully, I found out about Xingyu Jewelry. They cater high-end authentic, collectible jade pieces. I was so happy and elated by the fact that they have a store at Southern California. Finally, I do not have to travel just to get what I want. Xingyu Jewelry is more than your ordinary jewelry retailer. They specializes in the great, perfect crafted pieces, devoted to jade culture and educating the people in fine Asian jewelries.

    Check out the collectible jades. Visit

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