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Sheridan Grey

Passionate about Jade (翡翠) - 1 views

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started by Sheridan Grey on 01 Nov 11
  • Sheridan Grey
    I am always been a huge fan of this gemstone. Not to mention that I collect quite a number of this jade jewelries. I am not just amazed by how much this gemstone has affected the magnificent Chinese culture and civilization. As a collector, I constantly look for the finest and the highest quality jade available. I found these jadeite (翡翠) experts at Xingyu Jewelry where they themselves are a true artisan and aficionado of the gemstone. Now, I am more confident to purchase some more of the pieces available at the shop because I know I am getting the genuine stones.

    Jade is said to impart longevity, warmth and love. These are just a few of the endearing attributes of this stone. It implies virtue and purity for the wise. Irreplaceable. Incomparable. That is jade.
    You may check out the vast array of jade jewelries at the store. Visit

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