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Why to use AWS control tower and how it can help your organization to handle multiple A... - 1 views

    AWS Control Tower: AWS Control Tower is a service that enables you to enforce and manage governance rules for security, operations, and compliance at scale across all your organisations and accounts in the AWS Cloud. How it works: Setup: Setup the automated AWS control tower to monitor and governance rules of cloud premises. Apply guardrails: The second step is to apply the security promises to your cloud account. Like single-sign in and many more through IAM policies. Get Visibility: Monitor compliances and resources, have a look in every movement of resources and compliances. Why should we use Control tower? Setup basic practices of AWS environments in a few clicks. Standardise account provisions. Centralised policy management. Enforce governance and compliance proactively. Enable end user self services. Get continuous visibility of your AWS environment. Setup an AWS landing zone: Landing zone: a pre-configured, secure, scalable, multi-account AWS environment based on the best practice blue-prints. Multi-account management using AWS organisation. Identity and federated access management using AWS SSO. Centralised log archive using AWS cloudtrail and AWS config. Cross account audit using AWS IAM and AWS SSO. End user account provision using service catalog. Centralised monitoring and notifications using AWS cloudwatch and AWS SNS. Steps Involved: 1. Centralised identity and access: AWS SSO provides a default directory for identity. AWS SSO enables federated access management across all accounts in your organisation. Preconfigured groups (eg. AWS control tower administrator. Auditors. AWS service catalog end users). Preconfigured permission sets (e.g admin, read-only, write). Option to integrate with your managed or on-premises Active directory (AD). 2. Establish guardrails Guardrails are preconfigured governance rules for security, compliance and operations. Expressed in simple english to provide abstraction over granular AWS policies.

Warehouse software for management, inventory, accounting and tracking | DDI Development - 0 views

    In today's competitive environment, companies need to reshape the way how they are running a business. Thanks to innovative technologies, well-designed warehouse management software come into play. Not only are warehouse management systems used globally to solve the major challenges that organizations face in management, accounting, inventory and tracking, but also they have a positive impact on the business overall. By automating a variety of business processes - from inventory and customer management to accounting and tracking, WMS can significantly reduce human errors, minimize operating expenses, maximize efficiency and productivity, etc. Read our article to discover more information about WMS solutions that provide innovation and versatility for your business to drive growth and revenue.

How to keep safe your web hosting account from Cyber hackers? - 0 views

    Apart from a fine web hosting provider, you also need to make sure that your hosting account is safe and secure, as there are many hackers to breach and steal

Google's New Social Venture Helps You To Build Better Connections & Indulge In Healthy ... - 0 views

    To sign in to shoelace account, a person must have an active Google account. The app currently supports both Android devices of version 8.0 or newer and iOS version 11.0 or newer.

Facebook Autopilot | is a creative software, which can share on Facebook groups and com... - 0 views

    FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT communicate with Facebook pages and make likes and comments so your accounts stay safe
Maulik Shah

Odoo Version 12: Features, Updates, Benefits, and Beyond! - 0 views

    Odoo 12 released with the new features and updates. Odoo 12 is a complete package for managing your inventory and smooth business process. The business flow is even smoother with easy accounting.

Take the competitive edge with these Magento Development services - 0 views

    Magento, probably, offers most comprehensive set of features of any ecommerce platform in the market. On top of that, it is free and open source, making it a universal choice among those looking to build an ecommerce marketplace. TOPS vast service portfolio around Magento development assures your business is covered with a comprehensive set of portfolios that takes in account every aspect of Magento development. Our Magento development experts understand the competition and challenges faced by online businesses, so we are here to empower you with your requirements. We have the professionals who can build a custom Store that fits like a glove and never fails you.

Auction PHP Script - Bidding PHP Script - Auction Script - 0 views

shared by johnson770 on 14 Sep 17 - No Cached
    Our Bidding PHP Script is more familiar to the user to handle the site free of stress. The user can subscribe to the newsletter of new updates and feature products and services by entering the email id. Once the user subscribed to the Reverse Auction Script newsletter, admin can able to retarget the customers by sending new services through registered Email Ids. Auction PHP Script admin panel is more compatible to operate, the site contains Language pickup features, and payment gateway is more secure with 2checkout and PayPal accounts. Online E-commerce Auction Script is ready to start bidding platform script and do your business in a professional way and earn more by our high technology secure script. Features provided: * Admin can manage a bidder details * Admin can view user's bid product * Admin can view a no of product bid by the particular user * All product category is managed by the admin * Admin can add, edit and delete testimonial details. To know more on Reverse Auction Script please contact our support team, when you have queries to ask. We are an immense pleasure to help you. Contact Our Team via following helplines Website URL: Make a Call: India - +91-9841300660 Make a Call: (USA) - (+1) 325 200 4515 Make a Call: (UK) - (+44) 203 290 5530
Pixlogix infotech

Top 10 Amazing Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2018 - Pixlogix InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. - 0 views

    Thousands of social media plugins for WordPress are available on the internet but which one is suitable for your website it's a difficult thing. you can choose best social media plugins for your website from this article after comparing to another plugin. in this article, you will get a list of best social media sharing plugins for more features like auto-posting, multiple group posting, multiple social account in one plugins etc.
Milan Lunagariya

Warehouse Management Software - 0 views

    Alpha's Warehouse management software is designed for managing more complex inventories. Manage your Data Efficiently and Ensure Accurate Tracking With amazing features like: ✅Inventory management ✅Accurate Financial accounting with GST ✅Order / Dispatch Order Management ✅Stock Management ✅Image catalogue ✅Reports & Analysis & Many more... Contact us for information- 9879277294 visit:

Financial software for management, planning, accounting, analysis and reporting | DDI D... - 0 views

    In today's digital environment, technologies are moving at an incredible pace that makes financial software a vital need for any business. Nowadays, business owners started to realize that managing finances would help them to reach long-term financial goals. What's more, without financial software solutions, their businesses may face losses that lead to bankruptcy. That's why it is imperative to opt for financial software based on your current financial needs. There is a variety of financial software solutions: some can help you to generate reports and forecasts, while others enable you to maintain budgeting history and track income, expenses, and investments. In our article, we have provided a list of the best finance software solutions, their features and functionality that will suit any financial goals.

Drupal CMS: History, Marketshare, Features, Module | CMS Website Services - 0 views

    According to 2018's Drupal market share, Drupal CMS is very accountable among Drupal development companies in USA. Hire Drupal developers to build your site.

Best ways to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code - 1 views

    There are so many accounting mobile apps popping up on the market, there's plenty of ways to tackle QuickBooks error code with no trouble at all! In this article, you'll find out the easiest ways to get rid of QuickBooks error code and how it can help you become more efficient in your business with mobile apps development services.

How to use AWS EFS cloud storage to sort out your one of the problems. - 0 views

    We always feel a shortage of our storage system, whether our wives have to give something special in our lunch box or whether we have to upload our application's files on a server. Well, file system problem is solved by AWS Elastic File System (EFS). AWS EFS provides a simple, scalable, elastic file system for Linux based workloads for use with AWS cloud services and on other propositions resources. Amazon Elastic File System (AWS EFS) is built to scale itself on demand to petabytes without disturbing our running application, it automatically growing and shrinking as you add or remove the files, so our application has the storage when they need it. That is something similar to our wives has a separate lunch box for our lunch instead of searching for wasting an hour in the kitchen. AWS EFS is meant to provide massively parallel access to thousands of Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) enabling our applications to achieve high levels of aggregate throughput and IOPS (Input/Output Operation Per Second) with consistently low latencies. It is distributed design avoids the bottlenecks and constraints inherent to traditional file servers. Amazon EFS is a regional service storing data within and across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) for high availability and durability. You can access the file systems across Availability Zone (AZs), regions, and Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) and share files between thousands of Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers via AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN (Virtual Private Network How to keep my loved one safe and secure? I mean data. Now, on the similar hand, we always wonder the lunch box tightly has given or not. Similarly, our application files are safe or not whether they can be attacked or not. Well, AWS EFS gives you the flexibility that who can access our file system and their content. Amazon VPC and network access control list give you the benefit in which you can provide, share or block the access to our EFS file system.
Logicspice Software

Laravel e-Commerce Development: A Step-by-Step Guide - 1 views

Building an e-commerce website is a challenging task, but with the right tools and guidance, it can be a smooth and efficient process. If you're a Laravel development company or a business seeking ...

laraveldevelopmentcompany laraveldevelopmentservices laravelwebdevelopmentcompany laravelagency

started by Logicspice Software on 18 Mar 24 no follow-up yet
Brucode Technologies

Importance of Extreme Graphic Design - 0 views

    What attracts you most on the website and what you check while the first site visit? Obviously site design, website design exposes the intelligence, quality, and creativity of the team which works behind the site development and also define the nature and choice of the site owner who is accountable for the offering services.
Payment SaaS

SaaS Payment Solutions - Setup in 30 Seconds | PaymentSpring - 1 views

    Process a high-volume of transactions quickly and securely with an enterprise account that supports your growing software platform. Your customers expect the best, and you should too. PaymentSpring partners with software platforms to provide a fast and reliable payment gateway with 24/7 real-time monitoring and strategic business solutions.
Milan Lunagariya

financial year - 0 views

    2021-22 New financial year begins! Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Financial year! It is a pleasure doing business with you. visit:
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