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Can Coffee Kick-Start an Economy? - - 0 views

  • So he got on a plane to London, without trying any advance contact.
  • Armed with a laptop that held a PowerPoint presentation about his coffee, he intended to pull off a kind of revolution.
  • “Every society that has prospered has done it through trade and not ai
    • anonymous
      Trade and basic commerce and not aid. I love this.
      It is fundamental in its approach - a return to fundamentals is more needed today.
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  • which Rugasira set up
  • It stifles innovation.
  • It causes chronic dependency
  • Easterly — whose research, in collaboration with the University of Virginia economist Ariell Reshef, has examined Rugasira’s company — emphasizes that stark advantages and outsize triumphs, like China’s, aren’t necessary to the success of individual businesses or to pushing Africa forward. He stresses that merely reaching the market and holding your own there can be a major victory for a company like Good African, not only because the brand may grow gradually but also because when it comes to African enterprise as a whole, the continent needs to prove, for starters, that in the world of business, it can just coexist.
  • He had no budget for advertising, so he wrote an op-ed for The Guardian
    • anonymous
      This is how most Western businesses with no budget for ads try to gain advantage too

      To the earlier point, I think that this proves that "African Businesses" can "coexist" with other countries in the global economy.

Ban: leadership of young women crucial to advance development worldwide - 0 views

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  • “The lack of women’s representation – of women’s empowerment – affects individual women’s rights – and it holds back whole countries,
    • anonymous
      Is this something that we all already know, or is this some sort of news?
  • 13 August 2012
  • The empowerment of young women is key for advancing development around the world
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    • anonymous
      Thanks for the reminder Ban.
    not really worth a read, but sort of a primer for this.

Broad Development Articles - 3 views

A first run at this experiment - perhaps through a diversity of knowledge from friends in public health, MDB finance, environment, conflict, to basic needs and beyond - we can begin to formulate a...

intro group development private

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