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Day Spa Adelaide

A Gratifying Day Spa Experience - 1 views

started by Day Spa Adelaide on 07 Feb 13
  • Day Spa Adelaide
    All my friends were raving about this day spa in Blackwood Hills called Shantai. They do mas-sages, waxing, body treatments, facials, and lots of other day spa stuff. It is so great, you feel totally relaxed and at home, I really want to go there again, was the review all my friends were giving me. Curious, I decided to try it out. I went there and tried out their warm bamboo mas-sage. A few minutes into the massage, I finally understood what my friends were trying to say. They were right, everything about the experience was superb, from the tranquil atmosphere to the wonderful body treatments. I really felt that my entire body was enveloped in this feeling of comfort and relaxation. And, like my friends, I wanted to try it again and again.

    Contact Shantai Wellness Spa at 08 8278 5737 or visit

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