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Ana'Lis Plastino

10 Ways to End Your Speech With a Bang - 0 views

    I love this article because it gives you several different choices to work with and STRONG examples. Peter Jeff, the author, is very encouraging in this article as well. At the very end he challenges the reader to use one of these ideas on their next speech.
Ana'Lis Plastino

Tips on Public Speaking: Eliminating the Dreaded "Um" - 0 views

    For me this article is going to be a big resource. I struggle with filler words not only in public speaking but with everyday conversations. For me it's a hard habit to break mainly because I was never allowed a chance to speak and this comment accurately explains why I use them: "Though not an issue when you're giving a speech in front of an audience, when speaking in a group setting (think work meeting) there is often a level of "competition" for the chance to talk. A pause when speaking often gives someone else the opportunity to pounce and take over the role of speaker. A filler word signals others that you're not yet done talking."
Barbara Bearden

Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety - 0 views

    I found this interesting that making yourself on a day that you have a speaking engagement that you make that day as routine as possible prior to your speech. This will help in relaxing yourself.
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