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Scott Frank

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started by Scott Frank on 07 May 12
  • Scott Frank

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    Keep feet on floor or hug knees to chest as you balance to switch belly on..
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    If you do not have an enlarged prostate, your PSA will be less than 4 ng/ml..
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    Supporting and Healing:2..

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    These act on your hormones that cause your prostate to become enlarged.
    I wish you perfect health and piece of mind in all that you do.
    It is important that if you experience any of these symptoms, you seek medical attention immediately, if you have less urine than you normally do, or you experience fever or chills.
    Additionally it is advised never to avoid going to the bathroom, whether or not the vesica won't feel full.
    If symptoms such as those mentioned above become intolerable, treatment is often necessary to get your life back.

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