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started by smokingpipes on 05 Jun 14
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    Unlike traditional cigarette smokers, pipe smokers prefer to light up in a place where they can enjoy a moment of quiet reflection. They will often use a variety of different pipe tobacco blends so that they can choose a blend that helps to set a mood when they light their pipe. Very often people that enjoy smoking pipes will not only use a variety of tobaccos, they will also have a collection of pipe types, such as wood smoking pipes, stone pipes along with the more traditional looking tobacco pipes.

    Avid collectors may have mini pipes and pipes that are hand carved from such materials as ebony, soapstone, rosewood and various solid hardwoods. They will proudly show off their collection of pipes to other pipe smokers and they will have their favorite pipe and most unique collectible pipes displayed on their desk in their study or office at home. If you want to get some casual conversation with one of these pipe smokers, all you have to do is ask them about one of the pipes that they have displayed on their desk.

    Custom Lawn Systems

    A new pipe must be properly broken-in before it can really be enjoyed to the fullest. This consists of cleaning the new pipe bowl with a Stainless Steel Pipe Bowl Screen to remove any lacquer or other substance from the bowl.

    Next you will want to run one or more pipe cleaners through the stem of the pipe. This will make sure that there is no dust or air born particles that have made a home in the stem. It is a hotly debated topic when it comes to how many bowls of tobacco needs to be run through a new pipe before it is completely broken-in.

    Many times a harsh tobacco is used to start the breaking in process and then a particular tobacco is used to complete the process. This will be the only tobacco type that will be used with that particular pipe so that the flavor of that tobacco is better enjoyed over the life of the pipe. Often, when a pipe smoker has several tobacco flavors that they like, they will have a pipe for each of the tobaccos used and they smoke that pipe to set the mood that they want. This is why no pipe smoker would ever try to wash a pipe in soapy water. That would ruin the pipe.

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