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Jon Martin Esq.

started by sincitylawfirm on 27 Jul 14
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    The phone number of a good Las Vegas lawyer can come in handy when you least expect it. Running a red light, driving under the influence, speeding, ignoring stop signs, and driving with a suspended license, can all result in costly tickets. Many people attempt to combat traffic tickets, and try to convince the DMV that they were wrongly accused. When this isn't successful, they tend to ignore the tickets or forget about them. Little do they know that ignoring traffic tickets is only going to result in more problems. An arrest warrant can get issued, and the next time you get pulled over, the police officer will most likely arrest you and have your car towed.

    A good lawyer can go to bat for you and wake you up from this nightmare. Lawyers, such as Jon Martin, Esq. whose office is located at 7674 W. Lake Mead #245 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, specialize in resolving these types of problems. Martin is a licensed member of the Nevada bar and has been active in law for many years. He knows what it will realistically take to get you out of the trouble you're in.


    Unlike other Las Vegas lawyers who engage in pressure-sales, Martin offers potential clients a free, first-time consultation. During this initial consultation, he expects the client to confidentially disclose all the information regarding the tickets or warrant that he's trying to combat. Only then, will a good lawyer, such as Martin, be able to give a realistic idea of what he can do. Martin emphasizes honesty and is always up front about any costs associated with his services.

    Martin Law Group can also help customers suffering from personal injuries. For instance, if you've sustained injuries or damage during a traffic accident, or got injured in one of the many Vegas casinos, Martin can make sure you get fully compensated. He will negotiate on your behalf with the parties at hand. If negotiations aren't an option, or aren't delivering the desired results, he won't hesitate to take the case to trial or to force mandatory arbitration.

    Martin's website can be found at Here, you can find his full resume, his phone number, and you can also read about some of the other services that this experienced lawyer offers.

    Whether you visit Las Vegas as a tourist, or are a Sin-City resident, staying out of trouble is never guaranteed. When arrest warrants, traffic tickets, and unforeseen injuries try to get the better of you, Jon Martin's contact information will be the best weapon you have.

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