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Hiren Modi

Decorative Pillows - 5 views

    Decorative pillows give a bold, sensual statement to all who fall under its spell. Decorative pillows are waiting to ease your tired body trough the evening.
Hiren Modi

Outdoor Torches - 0 views

    Outdoor torches are another new outdoor lighting idea you'll love! Outdoor torches add a warm glow and style to your backyard.
Hiren Modi

Drapery Rods - 3 views

    Drapery rods to give your window a charming finish. Drapery rods are the perfect finishing touch to your window coverings.
Hiren Modi

Window Rods - 1 views

    Window rods add both elegance and function to your window coverings. The decorative window rods will work in any environment.
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happiness888 liu

Wholesale & Retail LCD Infrared IR Laser Thermometer Temperature Gun Shape - 2 views

    Laser targeting, non contact measuring, safe and easy to use

    Backlight LCD display

    Measurement data real time saving

    Selected temperature unit of Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)

    Broadly applied in maintenance industry, food preparation, horticulture, HVAC, construction, mechanics, medical, animal care, etc.

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happiness888 liu

Wholesale & Retail 1.5" LCD FM Transmitter Car MP3 MP4 Player SD Reader 4GB - 0 views

    Brand new 1.5" LCD FM Transmitter Car MP3 MP4 Player SD Reader 4GB

    4G memory MP4 player, built-in SD card slot, support SD card extended memory up to 4G

    Multiple playing modes of normal, single loop, menu, menu loop, all loop, random, viewing

    Multiple EQ modes: natural, rock and roll, pop, classic, jazz, earphone, live and deep bass

    Displays lyric synchronously, in 18 different languages

    Support viewing pictures in BMP and JPG format

    High quality fm transmitter chip, strong anti-jamming ability, stable signal

    USB 2.0 interface, directly download data from PC

    Rotatable in Wide angles to adapt to different in-car setting

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happiness888 liu

Retail & Wholesale Turbo SIM Unlock Card for GSM Cell Mobile, No Need to Cut - 0 views

    Brand new SIM unlock card, no need to cut the SIM card

    Easy to use by just adhere it to the SIM card

    Works with iPhone of all versions, supports up to V2.2 firmware

    Frees your iPhone 3G for any GSM network

    No influence to the communication between the phone and the network

    No need any technical knowledge to use it

    Ultra thin i-smart card, completely fits in between SIM card and the 6-pin connector of the phone

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happiness888 liu

Retail & Wholesale 60 LED Portable Lantern UFO Camping Torch Light - 1 views

    Super bright 60 LED camping light!

    Low power consumption with strong white light

    With hanger, conveniently hang it on top of a tent or wherever you want

    4 modes: 20 / 40 / 60 LED on / all off

    Power: 4 X AA battery

    Size: 14 cm in diameter, 3 cm in thickness

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Nicole Müller

Designer Mode - Shopping & Infotainment auf hohem Niveau - 0 views

    Erleben Sie die Welt der Designer Mode und genie�en Sie Shopping & Infotainment auf hohem Niveau in den Bereich Designer Mode, Beauty & Living.
happiness888 liu

Retail & Wholesale Wireless Musical Doorbell - 0 views

    High sensitivity, strong anti-interference system

    36 melodies for selection

    Support volume up and down

    With red, blue and green LED lights

    LED lights on when visitors pressing the remote button

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happiness888 liu

Only $ 2.55, Digital Optical Fiber Toslink Audio Cable 6FT - 0 views

    Offers ideal solution of audio transmission for movies using Dolby Digital, Digital theatre system

    Transfers audio signals with optical pulse, provides ultimate sound quality

    Made with high quality optical fiber material, delivers better sound clarity and natural mediant
    With high quality durable cable cover
    Use superior-grade optical fiber connector to have better high-frequency transmission effect and stereo sound effect
    Prevents high frequency EMI

    Cable diameter: 2.2 mm
    Cable length: 1.8m

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happiness888 liu

Only $ 2.55, Black Nylon Strap for Acoustic Electric Guitar Bass - 0 views

    Brand new high quality product!

    Fashionable design, solid and durable

    Suitable for electric guitar and acoustic guitar

    Adjustable length: 70 - 120 mm

    Width: 50 mm

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happiness888 liu

Do You Have This Personal Beauty Tool: Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer? - 0 views

    Eliminate the traditional need of scissors to remove the unsightly facial hair from face, nostril and ear, higher security provided

    Safety cone head guides the hair into the blade and protects the skin from direct contact

    Professional personal shaver, great traveling companion with light weight design

    Stylish shape, best choice of gift for your lover or buddies!

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happiness888 liu

Useful Utensil: Grapes Peeler Skin Remover Kitchen Gadget - 0 views

    Brand new grape peeler!

    Easy to use, removes grape skin very fast!

    Super convenient!

    Material: stainless steel blade and plastic handle

    Dimension: 135 X 10 X 8 mm

    How to use:

    1. Plug the curved blade into grape, during the process the blade should be close to grape skin;

    2. Then rotate the grape and the grape skin is peeled off

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happiness888 liu

Protective Device for GPS: Hard Case Cover for GARMIN NUVI series - 0 views

    Perfectly fit, waterproof and durable, completely protects your GPS

    A must-have protective device for GPS

    Extra pocket inside for SD card

    With hand strap and belt loop, convenient to carry

    Inner size: 135 x 80 x 23 mm

    Outer size: 145 x 98 x 33 mm

    Color: silver

    Suitable for: 200W / 250W / 260W / 600 / 610 / 650 / 660 / 670 / 680 / 710 / 750 / 760 / 770 / 780 / 850 / 860 / 880 / 265WT / 765T / 785T

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happiness888 liu

This Pinhole Glasses Can Help Improve Eyesight, Only $ 2.19 - 0 views

    Suitable for both youth and adults

    Looks like sunglasses, coating surface reduces light reflection

    Reduce eyestrain

    You can wear it indoors and outdoors when reading books, using computer or watching TV

    Helps to rectify visual problems caused by ammetropia and accommodation, like myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia

    Eliminates the strain, tense and twitch of eye accommodation system to prevent myopia

    Size: max. 14 cm in width

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happiness888 liu

Sell AV TV Audio Video RCA Cable for iPod Nano Touch Video iPhone - 0 views

    Brand new high quality AV cable for iPhone 3G!

    Connects iPhone to TV, plays the AV files in iPhone on TV

    With 2 AV connectors, right/left audio connectors and video connector

    With USB connector, via which the device can be powered

    Compatible with iPod nano 3rd generation / iPod classic / iPod touch / iPod with video / iPhone 3G V2.2

    Cable length: approx. 1.2 m

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happiness888 liu

Need One? 9V 250mAh Ni-MH Rectangular Rechargeable Battery - 0 views

    Genuine Japanese Cells - Highest Quality Digital Battery Cells Available, assembled in China

    Can Recharge Over 1000 Times!!

    NO MEMORY EFFECT. These batteries have no memory effect so they can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.

    Chemistry: Ni-MH ( Nickel Metal Hydride )

    Dimension: (H)48.5mm *(L)26.5mm *(W)17.5mm

    Output: 9V

    Capacity: 250mAh

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